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The AASHTOWare Bridge Rating analytical software allows users to perform bridge load ratings that are indispensable for determining maintenance needs, assuring public safety, scheduling retrofit or replacement elements, and for assessing overload permits. Bridge Rating provides highly accurate load rating techniques and calculations.

Bridge Rating accurately captures, analyzes and models the load capacity of bridges to assure public safety.

Bridge load ratings inform maintenance needs and the retrofitting or replacement of bridge elements. They’re also essen​tial for assessing applications for overload permits.  Bridge Rating’s features simplify load rating. 

An integrated database makes it easy to store, review and re-use rating inputs and outputs, and both 2-D and 3-D descriptions of bridge superstructures are supported.  Bridge Rating and Bridge Design work together. Detailed bridge descriptions can be stored in a common database, so bridges and bridge elements can be designed, analyzed and rated from the same description.  


Bridge Rating Product Updates