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Annual Fees and Licensing Options

​AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design is available for license to agencies with membership or associate membership in AASHTO and to other entities located in the United States. Each licensee shall designate a prime contact person through whom all support and maintenance will be coordinated with the contractor support team.

Individual Workstation License1

The individual workstation license allows only one user. With this option, the computer operates in standalone mode. An agency can purchase multiple workstation licenses.

Description                                                                                Annual License Fee

Individual Workstation                                                                $5,500

Site License1

A site license is based on the maximum number of concurrent users accessing the program through a single license server in the network. A site license requires a connection to the internet when installing the software.

A site license permits cities/counties, and contractors/consultants employed by the licensing agency access to the product on the member department’s network.

Note: AASHTO member agencies wishing to exercise a site license option will be required to register the names and contact information for all contractors/consultants using AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design via their site license and will be responsible for protecting AASHTO’s intellectual property rights to the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design product by having each contractor execute the contractor agreement in the form specified in Appendix A of the supplemental license agreement, and providing a copy of the executed contractor agreement to AASHTO.

Description                                                                           Annual License Fee

Site License – Up to 9 concurrent users                                $22,000

Site License – Up to 14 concurrent users                              $33,000

Site License – Up to 20 concurrent users                              $44,000

Note: Purchasers of the Site License for up to 20 Concurrent Users will have an option to increase the number of concurrent users for $2,000 each.

[1] The technical support included in the license fee covers the software installation and confirmation that it runs correctly; including support for licensing and activation as well as general instruction about the software.