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Program Up Close

​Planned Enhancements for FY2018

1.      Allow for the customization of reports

2.      Track improvements by others
       Agency PMED customizations
       Other AASHTOWare software

3.      Provide ability to reset performance parameters after interim treatment

4.      Lockdown specific input variables

5.      Allow for use of K-values for subgrade

6.      Grey out performance parameters not used for design - create super user to gray out certain inputs

7.      Enhance climate data with MERRA data

8.      Implement tensile strength level 1

9.      Recalibration for flexible and semi rigid pavements in English and SI units​​


Enhancements to be included in v2.4

1.  Integrate the MEPDG-MOP into the Pavement ME Design Software

2.  Training: Webinar to Overview the Enhancements for FY2017

3.  Recalibration Plan for Flexible and Semi-Rigid Pavements: New and Rehabilitated

4.  APIs for Selected Executables

5.  Deflection Analysis Protocols and Backcalculation Tools for Use with the Pavement ME Software     

6.  Full Integration of Specialized Truck Traffic Loadings into Traffic Mix

7.  Provide Report Reviews on Published and On-Going Research Relevant to ME Design

8.  Update Legacy Software GUI Terminology


Enhancements included in v2.3​

1.     Short Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (SJPCP)
Bonded Overlay Of AC Pavement​

2.      MapME

3.      Climate Data Files Upgrade