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Right of Way

Streamline relocation assistance

When homes and businesses are acquired, or occupants move because of federally funded projects, the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 guarantees those affected fair and equitable treatment as well as protections and assistance. 

But it is state agencies that generally calculate and provide the relocation assistance benefits—a process that can be slow and costly because of uncoordinated, inconsistent approaches to managing it. 

AASHTOWare Right of Way Relocation offers an efficient solution that saves time, cuts costs, and helps ensure timely assistance to the public. The software not only facilitates the management of relocation matters, it also addresses related issues in member agencies: 

  • Institutional knowledge loss due to downsizing
  • Early outs, retirements and turnover of agency staff to consultants
  • The increasing number of projects carried out by local public agencies that require stewardship and oversight
  • Projections of future relocations