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Service Units

​​For the period from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018, AASHTO has an arrangement with the Safety Analyst contractors, MRIGlobal and Exelis, to offer special fixed-fee increments or units of contractor-provided service for consultation and support to assist the agency in preparing data and using Safety Analyst. Service units can be ordered from MRIGlobal and/or Exelis in unit increments of $8,500.00 for MRI and $9,000 for Exelis. This fee includes the AASHTO administrative costs. A service unit provides $7300.00 in MRI contractor services or $7850 in Exelis contractor services.

The actual number of hours may vary depending on the AASHTO billing level of the employees involved. Service units remaining at the conclusion of a fiscal year will be carried forward into the next fiscal year. The number of service units carried forward will be adjusted to reflect the subsequent year's price per unit, but the dollar value of the licensee's service units available will remain the same.

Service Unit Work Plan Development

MRIGlobal and Exelis are independent contractors and solely responsible for all aspects of the performance, delivery, quality and terms and conditions of service they provide to agencies.