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Safety Analyst v5.0.0 Now Available! This latest version includes the following enhanced capabilities:

Systemic Site Selection - Safety Analyst now includes a new analysis module to perform systemic site selection.  The Systemic Site Selection enhancement expands the capabilities of Safety Analyst so that a user can identify the most appropriate sites for implementation of a selected countermeasure.

Modified LOSS – Specifying Variable Region Boundaries - The Modified LOSS metric is similar to the LOSS concept presented in Chapter 4 of the AASHTO Highway Safety Manual (HSM) and was introduced into Safety Analyst version 4.5.0. This new release of Safety Analyst allows an analyst to define the LOSS region boundaries using specific percentiles of the crash distribution as an option to the original fixed region boundaries of 1.5 standard deviations above and below the mean.  For example, the analyst can specify a lower boundary in the range of the 5th through the 45th percentile (in increments of 5), and can specify an upper boundary in the range of the 55th through the 95th percentile (in increments of 5).

Crash Rates - The Safety Performance Report, introduced into Safety Analyst version 4.5.0, now includes the calculation and display of observed crash rates in addition to observed crash frequencies.

Crash Summary Reporting of Fatal and of Severe Injuries Separately - The Safety Analyst Crash Summary Report and Collision Diagram now allow specification of the following severity level selection: Fatal, Severe, Fatal and Severe, Fatal and All, PDO, and Total.  This selection applies to the observed crashes for the selected sites.

Updated Default Crash Costs and Weights - Crash costs and weights are used in economic analyses in Safety Analyst Module 3 to represent the benefits of reducing crashes.  These default cost estimates and weights in Safety Analyst have been updated to reflect 2015 levels.

Enhanced Logging and Analysis of Post Processor Data Warnings - The Safety Analyst Data Management Tool has been modified to log post processing warnings to a table in the data set database table rather than writing them to the text-based log file.  Additionally, a tool has been developed display, sort, and filter the error and warning messages.  This enhancement makes the debugging of data issues easier.  The tool also identifies invalid sites and crashes and provides statistics on the numbers/percent of sites and crashes that are valid and the numbers of warnings by warning type.

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