AASHTOWare Bridge Design-Rating

December 07, 2015

The following Task Force product update is provided to keep all AASHTOWare Bridge Rating and Design (BrDR) Software users apprised of recent activity related to the development of the software. The Task Force is committed to providing these quarterly updates to help improve communication between the Task Force and those interested in the product. The Task Force met in St. Petersburg for their November (Fall) meeting. The following is a summary of some of the major items from the meeting:

Bridge Design and Rating 6.7

Bridge Design and Rating version 6.7 was released on July 8, 2015.

Bridge Design and Rating 6.8

Bridge Design and Rating 6.8 design and initial programming is underway with beta testing planned for early April and planned to be released on June 20, 2016. In addition to the major enhancements described below, all BrDR examples and tutorials will updated to ensure they are all based on the 6.8 release. Major enhancements include:

  • Curved Girder Diaphragm Specification Checking
  • Stress‐strain compatibility to PS Beam Capacity
  • NSG Vehicles to floor systems on girders (Trusses are excluded at this point)
  • Multi‐cell Concrete Box Type Structure Enhancements (funded by the California DOT)

Additionally, the Task Force chose two of the user voted enhancements to include with the 6.8 Release. These are JIRA 687 ‐ LFR for PT and RC multi‐cell box beams (#3 in voting) and JIRA 553 ‐ 3D FEM and 3DFEM Vehicle Path analysis for bridges with hinges (#4 in voting) and were selected due to the fact that they were high in the user‐defined priority list and were both within our financial and time constraints for inclusion in the 6.8 release.

Prestressed Design Tool

The Prestressed Design Tool is in alpha testing and is scheduled to be released in March 2016.

Steel Design Tool

Development of the Steel Design Tool is in the initial stages with the screen mockups being reviewed by TAG members.

Bridge Rating Tool

With Idaho’s lead, the Rating Tool effort is soon to start. The initial effort will support Load Factor Rating of steel and concrete structure types. Shanon Murgoitio from Idaho is working with other states that wish

to donate service units to facilitate this effort. If you have not heard from her but are interested in participating in this development effort through the donation of service units, please contact her at Shanon.Murgoitio@itd.idaho.gov.

Bridge Design and Rating Software Modernization

The AASHTOWare Bridge Design‐Rating Software Modernization Solicitation was forwarded to AASHTO Member Agencies on September 22, 2015. Agencies are encouraged to consider participation in this important development effort to support the future of the AASHTOWare Bridge Design‐Rating software. To achieve this important national objective, AASHTO is soliciting agency’s voluntary participation in this cooperative effort. Responses received by December 15, 2015 will be greatly appreciated. Please consider responding even if you are unable to participate in this effort.


Thanks for the RADBUG officers for a wonderful and informative user group meeting held this past August. Special thanks to Brenda Crudele, NYSDOT, for hosting this year’s meeting in Albany, New York.

Save the date – Next year’s RADBUG meeting is tentatively set for August 2 and 3, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. As details are confirmed and finalized – watch for more information.

As a reminder, there is a lot of information available on the developer’s website (https://aashto.mbakercorp.com) and user’s website (http://aashtobr.org/). On the user’s website, Task Force meeting minutes can be found http://aashtobr.org/?page_id=91. Our November meeting minutes will be approved at our January Task Force meeting and published on the web site shortly after that. Otherwise all past task force meeting minutes through the RADBUG meeting are posted on the website.

Please forward this on to others in your offices that might benefit from this information.

Todd Thompson, PE
Chair AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force

Todd S. Thompson, PE
Bridge Maintenance Engineer
SDDOT‐Office of Bridge Design
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