AASHTOWare Bridge Management Product Update

August 01, 2017

AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM) 5.3

Work on BrM 5.3 began in March 2017 and it is anticipated to be released at the end of August. The following enhancements, deferred tickets, and updates from the 2016 user group priority list are included:

  • Priority #2: Error Check Pre-Script (PONWEB-2179)
  • Priority #4: Default Data Separate Script (PONWEB-2190)
  • Priority #4: Parameters Screen/Table Re-Write/Update – Related to Default Data Script
  • Priority #5: Condition Grid Re-Write/Update
  • Priority #6: Cross Section Module (PONWEB-1565)
  • Priority #9: Load Ratings (PONWEB-2234)
  • Priority #17: Cassini Re-Write/Update
  • Priority #18: Enhanced Network Policy Rule Builder
  • Sufficiency Rating Clean-Up and a new feature that enables agencies to determine structural deficiency based on the old or new definition as a stated in the final rule.

BrM 5.2.3 Training

The 2016 user group priority list highlighted more training on the pyramid (optimization) (PONWEB-2256) as its number one priority. The Task Force has addressed this by:

  • Adding two step-by-step optimization examples in the appendix of the User Manual as well as the slides from the 2016 BrMUG walk-through.
  • Providing a half-day workshop at the 11th International Bridge and Structures Management Conference in Mesa, AZ, in April 2017.
  • Developing a white paper on BrM 5.2.3 which will be published as part of the proceedings from that conference.

BrM Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) Updates

The AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force is developing a list of BrM enhancement requests to be reviewed and ranked by the BrM End User Designees prior to the BrMUG. Their feedback will be used as the starting point for discussion during the meeting.

Testing TAG

A special thanks to the members of the BrM Testing TAG for their support in testing the beta versions of BrM 5.3! The Task Force is looking into funding options to develop a Regression Tool to support the testing effort for future releases.

Reports TAG

The Reports TAG is evaluating the default reports that currently exist within BrM. BrMUG attendees will have the opportunity to sit-in on a presentation about these evaluations and RTAG’s recommendation on the reports that should be included in future software releases.

Multi-Media TAG

The Task Force is working to develop an initial Multi-Media/Tunnels needs list which will include requirements/functional design specifications to be presented during the BrMUG for feedback.

Database TAG (DBTAG)

The Task Force discussed the concept of a database vision for complete data sharing from design, to rating, to management. To that degree, the Task Force is investigating options to support the development of a tool to support BrM to BrDR Web services.

The DBTAG said its farewell to Thomas Martin (MNDOT) in June as he rotated off the Task Force. Thomas’ contributions to the DBTAG and the Task Force have been enormous and he will be missed. Thomas’ position has been filled by Craig Nazareth (RIDOT) who will also take over responsibility for chairing the DBTAG moving forward.