AASHTOWare Bridge Management Product Update

May 16, 2016

The following Task Force product update is provided to keep all AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM) Software users apprised of recent activity related to the development of the software. The Task Force is committed to providing these quarterly updates to help improve communication between the Task Force and those interested in the product.

AASHTOWare Bridge Management 5.2.3

Alpha testing was completed during the April 2016 Task Force meeting. As we approach the production release of BrM 5.2.3, additional intensive testing sessions have been scheduled to expedite the final release of 5.2.3. An on‐site testing session with the BrM Testing TAG members was performed mid‐May, and additional testing will be conducted during the regularly scheduled Task Force meeting in June. An up to date testing/release schedule will be posted on the website. Please refer to this link for all further

AASHTOWare Bridge Management 5.2.2 Release 2

To address the reported issues associated with the 5.2.2 release, 5.2.2 Release 2 has been created, and is currently being tested. Watch for an upcoming email soon for the details.
The issues that have been addressed are as follows:

  • NBI Export: The NBI Export could potentially take the wrong NBI 90 date. It could incorrectly send the general inspection date instead of the NBI 90 date. This has been addressed in Release 2.
  • ‘Last’ Inspection Date migration to New Inspection Screen: In 5.2.2, the new inspection module was re‐vamped. As a result of this, the ‘last’ inspection date could be carried over to new inspections created in 5.2.2, instead of deriving the current date. This has been addressed in Release 2.
  • USRSTRUNIT table: As a result of the GUID migration, when creating a new structure unit within BrM 5.2.2, a corresponding entry was not created in the USRSTRUNIT table. This has been addressed in Release 2.
  • Project Utility Value: It was discovered that on some of the Projects page, Utility benefit was calculated but not displayed, this has been addressed in Release 2.
  • Custom Agency Elements: It was discovered that in some situations agencies would not be able to modify their transition times for custom elements without modifying their database. This has been addressed in Release 2.
  • Oracle Windows Authentication: It was discovered that in some scenarios Windows Authentication did not work for BrM 5.2.2, as a result of reducing our reliance on ODBC Drivers. This has been addressed in Release 2.

This update will require both an execution of the scripts and an uninstall and re‐install of your current 5.2.2 version of BrM.

National Tunnel Inventory Data

The Federal Highway Administration has released a final rule on the much anticipated National Tunnel Inspection Standards (NTIS). AASHTO and the Task Force believe that BrM is well‐suited to record and track National Tunnel Inventory data and are working on a plan for the inclusion of tunnels, and other asset types, into the software. If your agency is interested in participating, a solicitation has been established to allow agencies to assist in the funding of the NTI inclusion into BrM. Agencies wishing to contribute funding to support the incorporation of tunnel data into AASHTOWare Bridge Management should contact Judy Skeen at jskeen@aashto.org.

Current agency participation has allowed the NTI BrM plug‐in effort to begin. The NTI plug‐in will require the use of BrM 5.2.3 and is planned to be released alongside at the same time as the 5.2.3 release, or shortly thereafter.

Thank you to the current states that have participated. The current list of TRT member states that will be participating in the NTI integration into BrM include:

  • Alabama DOT
  • California DOT
  • Colorado DOT
  • Kentucky TC
  • New Mexico DOT
  • New York DOT
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee DOT
  • Texas DOT
  • Virginia DOT
  • Wyoming DOT

Multimedia TAG

Several agencies have volunteered to participate as a member of the Multimedia TAG, and the initial discovery meetings have started. If you are interested in joining, please send your Name, State, Phone, Title and email to Mark Faulhaber (mark.faulhaber@ky.gov).

Interested in Joining the Reporting TAG?

The Reporting TAG is being re‐initiated to evaluate the default reports that currently exist within BrM and determine what reports should be included in future software releases. These reports will be included after the BrM 5.2.3 release. Beckie Curtis (MDOT) has volunteered to lead this initiative. Anyone interested in becoming a part of this group should email Beckie at CurtisR4@michigan.gov.

User Group Priorities

The following link (User Group Priorities) outlines the User Group priorities identified at the last User Group meeting. The Task Force has reviewed the list and has made updates to the referenced spreadsheet.

QC/QA Process for Inspections

Would your state be interested having a QC/QA process incorporated into a future release of the software? If so please go the User Group Facebook page and join the discussion.

Bridge Management Webinars

The aashtowarebridge.com website is your online resource for information on the BrM software. There are currently 18 webinars available on the website covering a wide‐range of topics with more planned for the future. An overview webinar of the new Projects and Programs module in BrM 5.2.2 has been uploaded, as well as an introduction to the form creation in 5.2.2. To submit requests for webinar topics, please contact Bentley at BrM@Bentley.com.


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