AASHTOWare Bridge Management Product Update

November 16, 2016

The following Task Force product update is provided to keep all AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM) Software users apprised of recent activity related to the development of the software. The Task Force is committed to providing quarterly updates to help improve communication between the Task Force and those interested in the product.

AASHTOWare Bridge Management 5.2.3

An up to date testing/release schedule will be posted on the AASHTO website. Please refer to this link for all further updates.

The BrM User Group Meeting was held on September 20th and 21st in San Antonio Texas. During that meeting the users were exposed to a walkthrough of all of the new features in BrM 5.2.3. This presentation was well received and productive discussion followed. Furthermore, the user group provided the Task Force with a list of enhancement priorities. The Task Force asked Bentley to create preliminary functional design specifications (FDS) for the top 10 enhancements. These FDSs were reviewed at the October Task Force meeting and the Task Force identified the following to be included in the next release:

  • Error Check Pre‐Script (PONWEB‐2179) – Number 2 on the user group priority list
  • Default Data Separate Script (PONWEB‐2190) – Number 4 on the user group priority list
  • Load Ratings* (PONWEB‐2234) – Number 9 on the user group priority list

The Load Rating enhancement was identified as needing input from the users. An initial meeting will be setup for users to provide input on the enhancement within the next week. Due to the anticipated release schedule this will be the ONLY meeting that will be held for the users to provide input. So it is STRONGLY suggested users think about their requirements and needs, and be prepared to present/discuss these at the meeting.

AASHTOWare Bridge Management 5.2.2 Release 2 Patch and 5.2.2 Release 3

To address the reported issues associated with 5.2.2 Release 2, 5.2.2 Release 2 Patch and 5.2.2 Release 3 were created, and was sent out to the users on September 8, 2016.

The issues addressed are as follows:

  • 5.2.2. Release 2 Patch:
    • A bug was found that may cause changes to the element condition states to not save consistently. A patch (not a full install) was built to address the issue. The patch DLLs have been posted to agencies FTP site. Overwriting the existing DLLs in the enterprise environment is all that is necessary. This ONLY affects agencies that have updated to Release 2. Agencies that have updated to Release 2 are strongly encourage to apply this patch.
  • 5.2.3. Release 3:
    • An official Release 3 has is now available that addresses the above issue, as well as an original 5.2.2 bug found on the inspection schedule page. The bug found that attempting to hide groups in the inspection schedule pages may cause the schedule page to error out. This is not a critical bug, and if your agency is not modifying the permissions for these groups, or not seeing this error, it is not need to update to Release 3.

National Tunnel Inventory Data

BrM 5.2.3 will include a NTI plug‐in that will collect and report all the information required by FHWA. The NTI plug‐in will require the use of BrM 5.2.3 and is planned to be released alongside the 5.2.3 release.

If an agency is interested in participating in funding enhancements beyond what the Task Force has agreed to fund, the open solicitation is the method in which to do so. Additional funding would support additional features to the NTI plug‐in. Agencies wishing to contribute should contact Judy Tarwater at jtarwater@aashto.org.

FHWA AM Final Rule

The final Asset Management rule was released on 10/24/2016 and can be found at the following link: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/tpm/rule.cfm. BrM is tailored specifically for State DOTs to comply with Federal regulations, and meets the Federal MAP‐21 requirements for Tier 1 assets as it includes a risk-based asset management system.

Interested in Joining the Reporting TAG?

The Reporting TAG is being re‐initiated to evaluate the default reports that currently exist within BrM and determine what reports should be included in future software releases. These reports will be included after the BrM 5.2.3 release. Beckie Curtis (MDOT) has volunteered to lead this initiative. Anyone interested in becoming a part of this group should email Beckie at CurtisR4@michigan.gov.

5.2.3 Training

Informational videos that closely follow the walk‐through presented at the users group meeting will be posted to the aashtowarebridge.com website after the release of 5.2.3. The website is an online resource for information on the BrM software. Currently there are 18 videos available on the website covering a wide‐range of topics with more planned for the future. Submit requests for informational video topics to BrM@Bentley.com.

In addition to the videos, step by step examples will be provided in an appendix to the BrM 5.2.3 User Manual. These step by step examples will utilize the BrM 5.2.3 sample database.

International Bridge Management Conference

The 11th International Bridge and Structures Management (BSM) Conference will cover a broad range of topics on bridge and transportation structures in all stages of implementation of asset management practices. Themes will include comprehensive implementation within and across organizations, establishing and monitoring asset management plans, performance measures for asset management, tools and technology to assist decision making, state of good repair, and adaptation of transportation to extreme weather events and climate change. This meeting will serve as the forum for moving MAP‐21 asset management initiatives into practice and will be the venue for a wide range of federal, state, MPO/local, and transit agencies, as well as private sector practitioners and university researchers to share knowledge, sponsor peer to peer learning, and work together.

  • Mesa, AZ, / April 25‐27, 2017 / Sheraton Mesa Hotel at Wrigleyville West
  • Organized by Bridge Management Committee (AHD35) of the Transportation Research Board
  • Conference Web Site: cm.wsu.edu/bridge‐structures
    • Interested in Attending? Individuals interested in participating in the Conference are invited to send an e‐mail to janet.mcloughlin@wsu.edu with “Interest in Attending” listed in the subject line.


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