The AASHTOWare ProjectTM Task Force (PTF), is pleased to announce the next release of the web-Based AASHTOWare Project software, AASHTOWare Project 4.0. AASHTOWare Project 4.0 is expected to be available for demonstration the week of the Project Users’ Group (PUG) conference, September 23-27, 2017, and released into production shortly following the conference.
The AASHTOWare Project 3.01 release integrated AASHTOWare Project EstimationTM, AASHTOWare Project PreconstructionTM, AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & LaborTM, and AASHTOWare Project Construction & MaterialsTM into a unified database. The AASHTOWare Project 4.0 release builds upon this unified database and introduces components for AASHTOWare Project Decision SupportTM which is being piloted as a Software-as-a-Service solution to allow AASHTOWare Project EstimatorTM and AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction modules to use historical pricing data.
Accessing historical data and analyzing this data provides useful information to make more-informed business decisions for organizations. You can read more about the current work and future plans for this area of functionality in the AASHTOWare Project Decision SupportTM article.
The AASHTOWare Project 4.0 software includes several enhancements, maintenance, warranty and technology upgrades.  Staying current with the software allows your agency to benefit from the new and upcoming enhancements that are available. A quick view of the enhancements provided in AASHTOWare Project 4.0 are summarized below:
AASHTOWare Project Estimation enhancements focus on streamlining the existing workflows that include:
  • Calculating all Cost Estimate Item Bid Based Tasks from the Item Pricing Worksheet;
  • Launching the Price vs. Quantity Analysis Scatterplot from the Cost Estimate Item row level in both the Item Pricing Worksheet and detailed item list;
  • Improving usability by allowing the user to navigate directly from a Cost Estimate Item to the Bid-based Task.  It also enables calculating prices and viewing the Price vs. Quantity Analysis at the item row level;
  • Allowing greater flexibility when maintaining items on the Cost Estimate Item Pricing Worksheet.  Instead of adding items to the bottom of the list, items can be inserted (or deleted), and the line numbers will be renumbered to maintain the order of items in the list.
AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials enhancements focus on efficiency between the two areas:
  • Restricting access to agency views when a user does not have the appropriate security level to view its parent entity instance and preventing a user from entering or revising data on an agency view when its parent entity instance is in a state which renders it un-editable.
  • Preventing a DWR from moving out of Draft status when it includes postings for a contract item with a material set that has materials, but a Material Set was not selected on the item posting. If the contract item material set includes one or more materials, the user is now required to select a Material Set for the item posting before the DWR status can be changed from Draft.
  • Specifying the actual installed quantity of materials on a daily work report item posting and use this value to contribute to the Reported Material Quantity field.
  • Providing an overview of all its direct associations to streamline the management of agency view associations.
Construction-specific enhancements include:
  • Allowing agencies to define Force Account Contractor “overhead” type percentages, including where the percentage applies in calculations, rather than having a fixed list;
  • Enabling the addition of one or more contract types to reference payment estimate types which allows agencies to create different workflow approvals for specific types of contracts;
  • Adding a new Daily Work Reports by Contract overview component whereby DWRs are grouped by the Contract for which they were created.
Materials-specific enhancements include:
  • Creating reference-level material acceptance requirements for specific items and item families, which is the first in a series of enhancements leading to item-specific contract material acceptance requirements;
  • Exempting a user to access and modify material samples and tests and move them through the workflow without the normally required qualifications.
An AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction enhancement adds a new Gross Receipts Tax field to Project Category and the report data gatherers and calculations.
The PTF wishes to thank the New Jersey DOT, Michigan DOT and New Mexico DOT for funding AASHTOWare Project 4.0 enhancements. For more information on funding enhancements within the AASHTOWare Project software, please contact your Account Manager or AASHTO Staff.
– Janet Treadway, Ohio Department of Transportation; Devin Townsend, Nebraska Department of Roads; Russ Baron, Info Tech, Inc.​