AASHTOWare ProjectTM 4.1 Schedule & Overview

November 27, 2017

With the AASHTOWare ProjectTM 4.0 release behind us, we again focus on the next web-based release. AASHTOWare Project 4.1 is scheduled to ship in July 2018. The release currently includes 27 enhancement TMRs, with most of the enhancements in the AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & LaborTM area. The full list of TMRs is available on the Cloverleaf Customer Support Portal​​.

In AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights Labor, this release will modify the DBE Uniform Report where the end date of the report falls between the start and end date of the appropriate Base Percent Goal. It also handles tiered subcontracting. Payroll import will include better warnings and messages for import errors. Payroll exception calculations will be enhanced to calculate both the Davis Bacon wage rate and the State Prevailing wage rate when appropriate as well as calculate the Salaried Average Hourly Rate for employees working multiple types of contracts. The Contract Payment Estimate Exception for Payroll will analyze Federal and State payroll due dates and pay period end dates. Additionally, the system will calculate Apprentice and OJT Hours, and provide Second Tier Subcontractor Payroll reviews.

In AASHTOWare Project Construction & MaterialsTM, the materials area contract materials and acceptance actions will include all acceptance actions identified for the item/material association, restrict item-material acceptance action association to require material sets, and provide the ability to easily assign the same sets of materials to multiple items. When reviewing samples the user will be able to send one or multiple sample record tests back to the lab, and access to the Sample Record Test Agency Views will be restricted by testing qualifications. And the Sampling and Testing Status report will include a projection of the total number of records needed to satisfy a contract material acceptance action rate frequency with a frequency type of Quantity or Contract.

In the construction area, improvements are being made in DWR Item Posting item selection. It will also include a “power delete” option and only approved Daily Work Reports will be considered in the insufficient materials on a payment estimate.

In AASHTOWare Project PreconstructionTM and AASHTOWare Project EstimationTM, users will be able to Cross Map Modified Items When Item Spec Book Changes (when item numbers from the previous Spec Book are reused for different items in the new Spec Book, allowing the full bid history of an item).

System administrators will benefit from a global enhancement where users will be able to specify which character fields from the respective entity are shown in an auto-complete list and in what order the fields display. An example would be for an address field displayed on a purchase record. In addition to the address id and description displaying in the auto-complete field, an agency will be able to choose to also display the first line of the address then the city.
The release will also include 45 maintenance fixes and 36 warranty fixes. As always, we will continue to add bug fixes throughout development and early testing, striving to provide the best product possible. View a list of all AASHTOWare Project 4.1 TMRs.

– Vonda Lane, Tennessee Department of Transportation; Russ Barron, Info Tech, Inc.

A big THANK YOU! To the Minnesota Department of Transportation for funding ten of the 14 AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor enhancement TMRs.  This extra funding allowed several modifications to move into software development quickly, with software patches for immediate use. Here’s a list of the funded TMR’s:

  • APR-10399 – Enhance Reference Employee
  • APR-12506 – Modify/Copy feature for wage decisions
  • APR-12507 – Need ability to enter dollar amounts on bidder/quoter
  • APR-14061 – Provide An Indication To User That Warnings Exist On Import
  • APR-14155 – Allow Review Of Second Tier Subcontractor Payrolls
  • APR-14159 – Enhance Log Messages For Payroll Import
  • APR-14204 – RefEmployee Apprentice/OJT Hours Worked
  • APR-14532 – Add Employee Name To Apprentice Ratio Payroll Exception​
  • APR-14815 – Calculate Both Federal and State Overtime Rates
  • APR-14831 – Support Salaried Average Hourly Rate

– Lesly Tribelhorn, Montana Department of Transportation