AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials in Focus – Materials Functionality

August 28, 2018

The release of AASHTOWare Project version 4.1 brings exciting enhancements to several areas of materials functionality, improving security, flexibility and ease of use. These enhancements range in scope from simple report additions to complex calculation updates, but perhaps the most highly anticipated set of new features are focused on reference data set up and maintenance. With this release, reference level material acceptance requirements may be assigned to specific items, which will then only be generated onto a contract for those items, providing a more granular level of reference data management than previously available.

Another enhancement facilitates one of the more repetitive reference data set up tasks by providing users the ability to assign the same set of materials to one or more items. Lastly, reference specification fields have increased to a precision to the hundred thousandth to allow for more precise test result evaluation.
Other enhancements aim to simplify the user experience by:

  • Including improved filtering on some select modals.
  • Sending multiple sample record tests back to a lab instead of individually.
  • Updating the Sampling and Testing Status Report allowing users to see total records required to satisfy acceptance actions with a frequency type of quantity or contract based on the current quantity of the item.
  • Ensuring that when a payment estimate is run, only material quantities recorded on approved DWRs will be included in the evaluation of material acceptance requirements.
  • Applying modified security regulations to sample record tests and their associated agency views if the associated person is a qualified tester of the test method and an active tester in the lab unit where the test is assigned.
  • Allowing read-only access when a user does not meet standard security regulations as long as the user has contract authority, limited sample access, and/or administrative office access rights.

The AASHTOWare Project 4.1 software was released on August 24.

– Devin Townsend; Assistant Materials & Research Engineer, Nebraska Department of Transportation and Rachel Teague; Senior Business Analyst, Info Tech, Inc.