AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics™ Development Progress and Work Plan Solicitation

May 31, 2018

The momentum for the development of AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics™ keeps on building, as the application continues to take shape with considerable user involvement, and the solicitation for the full development work plan is about to be released. The current development project is focused on building out the two highest priority themes as determined during the December 2017 Decision Support Summit: Bid Evaluation Analysis and Line Item Profile. Substantial progress has already been made on both themes, and agencies have been using their own data to review the functionality and provide feedback directly through the application to help guide the development of the software.

With heavy emphasis on user involvement and feedback, a usability study took place at Info Tech, Inc. headquarters in Gainesville, Florida, the week of April 9, 2018. Ten participants from eight different agencies performed a set of focused tasks within the application and provided feedback on what they liked, what they didn’t like, what may be confusing, and what new ideas would make the application better for everyone. Some of that valuable feedback has already been incorporated in the April 19th, 2018 release. A second usability study is slated for June to continue to gather insights from users and turn those insights into tangible benefits for the application.

The Project Task Force continues to focus on getting new content out quickly and receiving feedback directly from the end users which proved successful during the initial pilot.  New content is being pushed out every two weeks, including new features, changes to incorporate user feedback, and error fixes as needed.  For the current development project there are 13 agencies (WI, KS, OH, NE, VT, GA, VA, MI, LA, FL, MN, MD and NS) involved that are actively providing feedback.  Additionally, there are eight other agencies that have their data loaded and can look at the evaluation site with their own AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction™ data. The anticipated release date is August 3rd, 2018 which will have production ready content for the Bid Evaluation Review and Line Item Profile themes.

To keep things moving, in June, a funding solicitation will be sent to your agency for the remaining development of the AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics software. The scope of the work plan covers the development and release of 18 additional analytical themes originating from AASHTOWare Project BAMS/DSS™, four new analysis themes, and two construction dashboard related themes.

The project has a 4-year duration, but production ready content will be pushed out using a two to four week cycle, enabling participating agencies to see value for their investment immediately. Participating agencies will have input into requirements definition and testing the new software in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment using their agency data prior to production release. The remaining work is planned to start in early August, picking up where the current project is scheduled to end. Please be on the lookout for the project solicitation and have your agency get involved to be part of the development of the future of highway construction analysis – AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics!

– Charles Nickel, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development; Ian Baldwin, Senior Lead Data Analytics and Estimation, Info Tech, Inc.