AASHTOWare Project Decision SupportTM Update

August 25, 2017

As mentioned in the May 2017 e-Newsletter, there are three agencies involved with the AASHTOWare Project Decision Support Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pilot research project. Three agency on-site meetings were held as part of the project with the first on-site visit with Wisconsin in March, the second with Ohio in May and the third with Kansas during the last week of June.​

During the on-site visits, the installs went well and ideas from each agency were discussed on how to improve the installation process. After a walkthrough with the agencies concerning their letting and analysis procedures, the focus of the team was then devoted to usability. Changes made resulting from the on-site meetings, helped with successive installs and usability sessions. The biggest challenge has been to stay focused on the specific piece of the analysis being used for the pilot. There is a natural tendency to try and over extend the focus to all the features needed to be able to support a comprehensive analysis; however, the teams managed to keep their focus in check. During the on-site visits, each of the agencies was fully engaged and really contributed during the overview, setup and usability sessions.​

Currently, the focus of the project is on the continuous deployment of small batches of features. A new version is deployed to the evaluation site every two weeks and contains a set of planned upgrades along with a few new features based on agency feedback. The process has been working extremely well with agencies getting to see their requested changes added to the software within weeks.​

Some reminders, the first version of web-based AASHTOWare Project Decision Support is part of AASHTOWare ProjectTM 4.0. This includes interactive historical regression pricing analysis and a pricing service used by AASHTOWare Project EstimatorTM and AASHTOWare Project PreconstructionTM. Information about historical data migration can be found by logging into the Cloverleaf® website, selecting “Status & Planning”, and selecting the AASHTOWare Project BAMS/DSSTM Agency Migration Services link under “Optional Services”.​

– Charles Nickel, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development; Randy Lawson, Info Tech, Inc.