AASHTOWare ProjectTM Helpful Items

November 27, 2017
What are Service Units?
  • ​Fixed-fee units of contractor-provided service
  • Provide for consultation and support to assist an agency in implementing and maintaining the AASHTOWare Project modules which can include:
    • Planning and conducting training events
    • Implementation planning
    • Technical assessment/technical planning
    • Application installation and configuration
    • Data mapping of current agency systems data to AASHTOWare Project
    • Configuring of generic field windows
    • Configuring of custom templates/agency views
    • Hosted Services
    • And more…
​CT: Call Ticke​t
  • ​​A record of a customer question, issue report, or enhancement request. It can be addressed and closed or resulted in the creation of a ticketed modification request. The reporting agency/group approves its disposition.
TMR: Ticketed Modification Request
  • Maintenance TMR requests resolution or a change in response to the discovery of an error in the program’s code that causes the software to work incorrectly.
  • Enhancement TMR requests a change to software programs or documentation to extend or improve functionality or performance beyond what currently exists in the production software.
  • Warranty TMR requests resolution of an issue or a change in response to the discovery of errors caused by contractor error within the stated warranty reporting period.
  • Technology Upgrade TMR requests resolution of either platform-specific errors on supported platforms, which were introduced by a new supported platform release, or problems determined to be unique to unsupported platforms.