AASHTOWare Project™ Marketing Update

August 28, 2018

AASHTO and the AASHTOWare Project™ Task Force (PTF) released the project proposal and solicitation to complete development of approved functionality for the AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics™ module. This project is strategically important for both AASHTO and the PTF, as it completes the unified database by using and analyzing data captured from the estimation, bids, construction, and civil rights and labor compliance components of the AASHTOWare Project software. Please see the AASHTOWare®Catalog for more information on this solicitation and the benefits it can provide to participating agencies.

The AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics module will ultimately be the replacement for the client/server AASHTOWare Project BAMS/DSS™ module. It is not simply a rewrite, use of the Software as a Service (SaaS) platform will allow for easier and more frequent deployment, keeping agencies automatically on the current version and up to date with the latest technology. Dashboard and graphical displays of an agency’s entire construction contract portfolio are easily accessible, allowing for quicker, more efficient decision making, both in the office and in the field via mobile devices.

To help share the value and benefits of the AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics module with the user community, two videos, the first, an executive overview video, and the second a high-level overview, that is posted to Cloverleaf by logging in and selecting “products”, then the “view webinars” link beside the “web-based AASHTOWare Project” header. If you are interested in learning more about the AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics module, scheduling a comprehensive demo using your data, or if you have any questions about the AASHTOWare Project software, please contact your Account Manager, who would love to help!

In addition to these AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics videos, three other videos are under development and will be available for the Project Users Group (PUG) meeting at the end of September:

  • An executive overview of the entire AASHTOWare Project solution.
  • An overview of Hosting Services for AASHTOWare Project.
  • An overview of the Materials functionality within the AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials™ module.

Finally, the PTF has been working with the PUG Board to coordinate presentations and educational material related to the AASHTOWare Project software for this year’s meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, generously hosted by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. There will be some new and exciting materials at the PUG this year, including a ten-question scavenger hunt designed to engage attendees and encourage them to review the material in the demo room. Plan to participate in the scavenger hunt for a chance to be entered into the AASHTOWare Project Scavenger hunt drawing.

By: Jamey Wilhite; System Administrator, Arkansas Department of Transportation, and Chad Schafer; Director Account Management and Technical Sales, Info Tech, Inc.