AASHTOWare ProjectTM Software – Agency Funding Opportunities

November 27, 2017

AASHTOWare® is a unique and powerful enterprise software suite designed by transportation professionals for transportation professionals.  It is cooperatively developed, with agencies pooling knowledge and resources to realize cost savings and efficiency. Future enhancements are selected based on many factors, with agency input from the annual balloting process being the primary factor. That process ensures that the selected enhancements will benefit the greatest number of agencies – maximizing the collective return on investment. However, there are times where an individual agency’s needs or priorities differ from the community – and it can be frustrating when your agency’s enhancements don’t get selected. As outlined in the “Policy – Incorporating Agency Funded Enhancements” letter sent by Todd Bergland in 2009, agencies can fund enhancements to the software with service units or other funds. That letter outlines the steps for obtaining an estimate, potential funding partners, and required approvals. Several agencies including New Jersey, New Mexico, Michigan, and Minnesota have recently taken advantage of this process for enhancements to both the existing AASHTOWare Project 4.0 release as well as the upcoming AASHTOWare Project 4.1 release. Each funded enhancement benefits both the individual agency as well as the entire user community.

If you are aware of an enhancement that your agency needs, check the ballot results as soon as they are available. If you find that you were the only agency voting for it, consider funding it yourself. If you find that a few agencies voted for it, consider reaching out to them to see if they would be interested in co-funding the enhancement. The more funding partners you can find, the smaller your share.

We encourage you to look beyond the functionality you currently have in production and consider functionality you will be considering in the next few years. If your agency is planning to move to AASHTOWare Project EstimationTM or AASHTOWare Project Construction & MaterialsTM soon, reach out to the early adopters to see what they recommend, and see where they put their votes. And think outside the box – for example there are enhancements that extend agency views (custom forms) into new areas of the system – functionality not currently available in any of the legacy systems (APR-15830 Add Agency View functionality to DSR, and APR-15831 Add Agency View Entity and Modify Test Equipment Qualifications). If you find an enhancement that will be critical to your upcoming implementation project, the time to act is now so you can get that enhancement in an upcoming release.

– Tony Bianchi, AASHTO Associate Program Director​