AASHTOWare ProjectTM Membership Survey

August 25, 2017

Your opinions matter! The AASHTOWare Project Task Force (PTF) will be sending out an AASHTOWare Project Membership Survey to agency users in early September. This year, we are reaching out to more than just your Agency’s End User Designee (EUD) by planning to send out the survey to the broader user community. In past years, we have focused on the information received based on the feedback from your EUDs, this year, we want feedback from as many individuals as possible. While some may think that no news is good news, we on the PTF want to hear it all, the good and the bad. We want to use your feedback to make product improvements and enhancements. The information received helps us to determine areas of focus and areas of improvement for the program.

We will also be using a different platform to get the survey out. This year we will be using SurveyMonkey® to distribute, gather, and analyze the responses. We have taken the approach to separate the survey into product areas so you can focus on your area of interest or the entire survey. When the survey is closed and the analysis is complete we will provide a report to the user community.

– Janet Treadway, PTF Membership Subgroup Chair, Ohio Department of Transportation​.