Agency Spotlight: ODOT and Info Tech® Mobile Inspector®

October 18, 2017

This year, the Ohio Department of Transportation​ (ODOT) will invest $2.3 billion in the state’s roads and bridges. This construction season will include work on 1,098 projects, 26 valued at more than $10 million each. Workers will pave 6,945 miles of roadway – enough for a two-lane road from Seattle to Key West, and repair or replace 1,281 bridges. This accounts for inspection of every new and improved initiative – amounting in approximately 80,000 inspections per year.

The solution:

ODOT has been prioritizing e-Construction and moving with the flow of advancing technology. With an agency eager to build and grow, Janet Treadway and her team in the Division of Construction Management realized that the data collection process had languished. Inspectors at a construction site were depending on their scribbled down notes that they later had to take back to the office and decipher. Travel time to and from field offices or project sites was expanding and in some cases connectivity was not a reliable option.

ODOT was excited to move towards a method that would provide a simple, secure, and seamless transfer of data directly from the field. Integrated with the SYNC Service for AASHTOWare ProjectTM, the Info Tech Mobile Inspector app allows inspectors to securely store data and easily port it to the AASHTOWare Project SiteManagerTM software. The app enables them to perform all of their most critical tasks from their desk, vehicle, or the field relating to Daily Work Report (DWR) information. The SYNC Service for AASHTOWare Project allows a field inspector the opportunity to complete the DWR even with limited or no connectivity.

The implementation:

ODOT started its digital initiative with the implementation of electronic signatures. This allowed external contractors and consultants to use AASHTOWare Project SiteManager for approving change orders and project administration. With the acceptance of the e-signatures, ODOT decided to pilot the Mobile Inspector app in August 2015. ODOT knew that the process of getting its inspectors to adapt to the app could be intimidating, but with all of the benefits and the helpful team of contractors at Info Tech, it was a clear choice, and ODOT began the full implementation of the app in September 2015.

The result:

ODOT continues to commit research and funding to its mobile initiative in efforts to maximize cost effectiveness of resources. Today, ODOT has over 590 active accounts utilizing Mobile Inspector daily for DWR entry. As of this season, all inspectors are equipped with mobile devices, making it easier to upload data to AASHTOWare Project SiteManager and shortening the time to collect daily report data. Initially, an unanticipated result was the additional data the agency began receiving – inspectors provided more detailed information for each work item being installed or placed whereas previously, this could have been a quick note jotted on the paper diary with no specific item mentioned. ODOT has also been able to decommission many field offices since staff can commit to being on the project site. In turn, this has resulted in more money being reallocated to other capital funded projects.

“By being able to access live project inspection at any time, our inspectors, project managers, and stakeholders have the ability to transfer data seamlessly. Giving them access to the data they need is simple and combined with the SYNC Service for AASHTOWare Project, we’ve been able to make another advancement with ODOT’s e-construction initiative.”

– Janet Treadway, Ohio Department of Transportation.