How do I become involved in AASHTOWare Project?

February 28, 2018

Have you ever asked yourself how you could become more involved in the development and enhancement of the AASHTOWare Project product suite? You CAN!

There are many ways to be involved. You can be a member of a Technical Advisory Group (TAG), a Technical Review Team (TRT), a Project Task Force (PTF), or attend the annual TEA/PUG conference. In the event that someone from your agency is currently recognized as the official member(s) of the named groups, you can still participate in the scheduled webinars and provide your insight on the topic(s) being discussed. You could even be deemed the proxy on the group for voting purpose if your agency’s official member cannot make it to the meeting. If a vote is required or to meet the group quorum, your agency representative could designate you as proxy if done prior to the meeting.

We understand that everyone is busy with their day to day responsibilities and scheduling can sometimes be a concern but we truly value what YOU as an agency member has to say. We will continue to strive to make AASHTOWare Project the best software your agency can use because YOU are the professional helping to build it. If you are interested in adding your voice to the continued improvement of AASHTOWare, please check out the Cloverleaf site for further information:

​- Charles Groshens, Minnesota Department of Transportation.