Farewell to Jeff Hisem, AASHTOWare Special Committee on AASHTOWare (SCOA) Liaison

November 26, 2018

Jeff, you will be missed!

Many of you are probably aware that Jeff Hisem, Administrator with the Office of Estimating at the Ohio Department of Transportation, retired in September. Without Jeff’s knowledge, passion, and leadership, AASHTOWare Project wouldn’t be what it is today. Although Jeff worked for ODOT, he was able to aptly wear his “AASHTO” hat and was a tremendous advocate for the AASHTOWare Program and the AASHTOWare Project software from the very beginning. In total, Jeff was involved with AASHTOWare Project for over 30 years!

Jeff most recently served on the Special Committee on AASHTOWare (SCOA) as a liaison to the Project Task Force (PTF). In his role with SCOA, Jeff helped monitor, coordinate, and provide direction to all AASHTOWare cooperative development projects with a focus on AASHTOWare Project. As a liaison, he kept the task force abreast of AASHTOWare Program strategic directions and provided sound and honest advice to the PTF. Prior to that, Jeff served as a member and then chair of the PTF and has been very active in the Project Users Group (PUG) from the very beginning. Jeff was certainly missed at this year’s PUG Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, as he had a way of instilling the “AASHTOWare spirit” in everyone he encountered. As you can see, Jeff is leaving some very large shoes to fill!

Although Jeff was involved with many key areas within AASHTOWare Project, his true passion was estimating and data analytics. He was a big believer in the benefits of AASHTOWare Project BAMS/DSS and played a key role in promoting AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics. Hopefully, everyone will remember Jeff’s passion as they use the software in the future!

The PTF is extremely grateful for all of Jeff’s outstanding work with AASHTO, SCOA, the PTF, and the AASHTOWare Project evolution over the years. On behalf of the PTF, I want to sincerely thank Jeff for all he has done for the entire AASHTOWare Project community. We are going to miss him!

—Kevin Fox; AASHTOWare Project Task Force Chair