Future Software Needs and Enhancements Being Considered

August 01, 2017

The Pavement ME Design Task Force is continually taking action to improve the software and welcomes suggestions from users. Suggestions are reviewed and prioritized at each Pavement ME Design Task Force meeting. You can submit your suggestions to Vicki Schofield or any Pavement ME Design Task Force member.

The following is a list of selected features and enhancements that the Pavement ME Design Task Force is considering for improving the software in future years:

  • Top-down cracking model and transfer function development based on National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) project 1-52 (A Mechanistic-Empirical Model for Top-Down Cracking of Asphalt Pavements).
  • Improved models for unbound materials characterization for pavement design based on NCHRP project 1-53 (Proposed Enhancements to Pavement ME Design: Improved Consideration of the Influence of Subgrade and Unbound Layers on Pavement Performance).
  • Shrink/swell of soils and their impact on pavement performance and distress. This project is considered a high priority and has been approved as an NCHRP project.
  • Optimizing dowel and tie bar designs for JPCP.
  • Full integration of specialized truck traffic loadings into the annual mixed truck traffic, including overweight vehicles, single tires, wide-based tires, over-sized vehicles, etc.
  • Longitudinal cracking model and transfer function for rigid pavements with widened slabs.
  • Next generation fatigue models for flexible pavements.
  • Model and transfer function calibration tools.