Get to know the AASHTOWare® Staff

November 27, 2017

Tony Bianchi, Associate Project Director

Tony is currently an Associate Project Director with AASHTOWare ProjectTM and has worked at AASHTO for 12 years.  Tony’s background is in civil engineering and management.  Tony’s main responsibilities include managing the contract with the software contractors, Info Tech, Inc. and AECOM and supporting the goals of the AASHTOWare Project Task Force as well as managing internal AASHTOWare®​ modernization efforts. He leads the AASHTO Project Managers team and participates in onsite visits to the AASHTO member agencies with the Info Tech Account Managers.

Fun Facts: In the last 12 months, Tony has met with over 20 AASHTO member agencies. This year he completed visiting all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Brian Korschgen, Associate Project Manager

Brian is currently an Associate Project Manager with AASHTOWare Project and has worked at AASHTO for 10 years. His journey at AASHTO began with the AASHTO Material Reference Laboratory (AMRL) and later with the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) as an Associate Program Manager. Brian currently manages projects in areas such as electronic bidding, civil rights & labor, materials, and mobile application development.

Fun Facts: Brian and his wife Thea were married in April.  They enjoy running half marathons together (6 and counting), often in strange areas. They also have fun exploring the world, hiking though National Parks, and are huge baseball fans (go Nats and Cards!).