Meet the Special Committee on AASHTOWare® (SCOA) Liaisons to the AASHTOWare Project™ Task Force (PTF)

May 31, 2018

AASHTO’s Special Committee on AASHTOWare oversees the work of all AASHTOWare Task Forces.  The SCOA liaisons attend all PTF meetings and provide oversight and guidance to the task force.  The PTF is fortunate to have two liaisons, Jeffrey Hill and Jeff Hisem!

Jeff Hisem, SCOA Member

Jeff is the Administrator of the Office of Estimating at the Ohio Department of Transportation where he has worked for over thirty-six years.  He has been involved with the AASHTOWare Project software since 1985 when the DOT entered into a contract with Info Tech to customize the software just before it was purchased by AASHTO.  Mr. Hisem has served on the Users Group since its inception in 1986 as user Group Chair, member of TAGS and TRT’s, also served on the PTF for 8 years, chairing it for 5.  He hosted the first Cost Estimation Workshop in 1989 which evolved into the Transportation Estimators Association (TEA).  In the late 90’s he was part of a small group of estimators who were able to convince AASHTO to create the Technical Committee on Cost Estimation (TCCE) and has served on the committee since it began.  Mr. Hisem leads the Bid Analysis and Review Team at ODOT who is anxiously awaiting the new AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics™ project.

Fun facts:  When Jeff started at ODOT, it was going to be a temporary position for about 6 months.  Thirty-six years later, he is finally going to leave and enjoy other endeavors with family and friends.


Jeffrey A. Hill, SCOA Member

Jeffrey serves as Chief Information Officer and Division Director of Information Technology at Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).  Mr. Hill has been with GDOT for 25 years and was appointed CIO and Division Director of Information Technology in July 2006.  Jeffrey leads major initiatives within the GDOT in reducing redundant data, creating a standardized enterprise application portal, leveraging hardware, and using technology to provide valuable information to citizens, business partners, and government officials. GDOT’s data warehouse integrates over 100 disparate data sources, which includes AASHTOWare Project.  Mr. Hill was appointed as member of SCOA in 2017.  He is also member of the Data Governance committee and serves as a SCOA liaison to the PTF since 2018.

Fun facts:  Jeffrey resides in Georgia with his family, where he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and granddaughter.  He is an avid golfer and backpacker.  In his free time, Jeffrey likes to spend time doing outdoor activities and RVing with his family.  His accomplishments include section hiking the Appalachian Trail.