Meet Your AASHTOWare Project T&AA Liaisons

August 27, 2018

The Technical and Application Architecture (T&AA) Task Force provides IT consulting services to other AASHTOWare task forces. The task force works to maintain and enhance an IT methodology which is the basis for all AASHTOWare product development and support. This group is also responsible for the upgrading and maintenance of AASHTOWare IT Standards and Guidelines that promote quality, usability, maintainability, and look and feel consistency of AASHTOWare products, the intent of which is to provide a technical framework to help products achieve AASHTO quality requirements based on industry and member agency technology directions. T&AA provides cross-product technical perspective as well as cross-product communications. They are also responsible for conducting the annual AASHTO IT Survey as well as the annual technology review for AASHTOWare.

Meet your AASHTOWare Project T&AA Liaisons

Brian Guerrette has been the Applications Director for the Maine Office of Technology since 2009. He is responsible for managing the developers and contractors supporting all Maine DOT’s applications and oversees the Maine Office of GIS (MEGIS). Prior to his current role, he supported various applications for the Department Health and Human Services and was a programmer with the Department of Transportation. Brian joined the AASHTOWare Technical & Application Architecture Task Force in 2016, where he is the technical liaison to the Project Task Force and was recently named as the T&AA Vice Chair.


Matthew Rensch is the Director of the Office of Highway support for the Iowa Department of Transportation, where he manages 25 application developers responsible for all systems used by the highway division. Matt has been with the Iowa DOT since 2006 and before that he was Child Welfare Information Systems Bureau Chief for the Iowa Department of Human Services. Matt has been in the IT field since 1984 and has held various positions throughout his career. He joined the AASHTOWare Technical & Application Architecture Task Force in 2017 and has recently been named as the secondary liaison to the AASHTOWare Project Task Force and Chair of the Data Integration Oversight Committee.


Your AASHTOWare Project Liaison responsibilities include:

  • Attend and actively participate in project/product task force meetings and conference calls.
  • Promote, interpret, advise the task force on standards and guidelines.
  • Provide technical expertise.
  • Translate technology into common understanding and language.
  • Provide a report, preferably written, on T&AA activities that might affect a task force.
  • Provide information on strategic plan activities that might impact a task force.
  • Serve as a conduit for concerns and issues.
  • Participate in quality assurance meetings with the contractor and ta sk force.

– Brian Guerrette, Applications Director; Maine Department of Transportation and Matthew Rensch Director of the Office of Highway, Iowa Department of Transportation