AASHTOWare is continually improving the software to meet stakeholder needs and to accommodate ever changing hardware and software technology. The two following areas are included in FY2018 planned activities. Pavement ME Design’s 2018 planned activities include MERRA Climate Database and web-based technology.​

  • MERRA Climate Database: Pavement ME is moving towards the MERRA climate database. LTPP has already moved towards the use of this database. This is a global database that will significantly enhance and assist the international users of the program. The MERRA database will be available to all users in FY2018.
  • Wed-Based Technology:  Pavement ME is also moving towards the use of a web-based technology application. This work is currently underway to convert the Pavement ME software, as well as other AASHTOWare programs, to a web-based application. Work moving towards the web-based application technology is being completed under a 4-year program – FY2017 was the second year. The status and update on the availability of this web-based technology will be included in future e-newsletters to keep all users of the software updated on its status.