Product in Focus: Info Tech® Mobile InspectorTM

May 16, 2017
You do not need to look further than your hand to see the importance of mobile technology in our world. Over 2 million apps are available, with millions of downloads every day.  Mobile is everywhere, even at the construction site. Mobile usage in the field is also a major component of the FHWA’s e-Construction initiative.
Mobile continues to be at the forefront of planning for the AASHTOWare ProjectTM Task Force (PTF). The Info Tech® Mobile InspectorTM app, initially released in February 2013, was the first to work with the AASHTOWare Project software.  The Mobile Inspector app was designed for use on tablets and smartphones. Inspectors use it in the field to create the Daily Work Report and send it seamlessly and securely to a construction management system, such as the AASHTOWare Project Construction & MaterialsTM software. The Mobile Inspector app works with Apple iOS, Android operating systems, and Windows 10 tablets.
The Mobile Inspector app communicates with multiple construction management systems, allowing your inspectors to have contracts from different systems such as AASHTOWare Project SiteManagerTM, AASHTOWare Project FieldManagerTM, and AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials. This allows for an easier transition from the client/server software products to the web-Based products, as your inspectors continue to use the same app. The workflow and user interface are the same, with different data entry options, depending on where the contract originated.
The Mobile Inspector app usage has steadily increased from its initial release. Currently, there are 11 agencies in production with over 1,300 active devices. Other agencies are evaluating, including the Nebraska Department of Roads, which has evaluated the Mobile Inspector app as a way to support their e-Construction initiative. They are working with their administration to determine on which devices they would like to deploy the tool. NDOR sees great potential for Mobile Inspector as a step toward the goal of having information at field staff’s fingertips. The mobile platform is only going to continue to grow and become an essential tool for field personnel. Mobile usage in the field can advance your e-Construction efforts. Funding through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for this usage may be available.
– Devin Townsend, Nebraska Department of Roads; Chad Schafer, Info Tech, Inc.