Product In Focus: AASHTOWare Project EstimationTM

November 27, 2017

With the release of AASHTOWare ProjectTM 4.0, AASHTOWare Project Estimation introduced several enhancements improving the overall user experience. One helpful feature added was the limiting of Cost Estimate Items to a single, bid-based task which reduced the number of clicks needed to calculate and analyze historical prices. Estimators can now calculate a bid-based price or launch the interactive scatterplot directly from the Cost Estimate Item Worksheet or the Cost Estimate Item Detailed list. Another improvement added to this area is the ability to calculate all Cost Estimate Item Prices from the Cost Estimate Item Worksheet. These upgrades should prove to be a time saver and allow Estimators to focus on item pricing and analysis instead of data setup. Additionally, AASHTOWare Project 4.0 improved the management of Cost Estimate Item line numbers on the Cost Estimate Item Pricing Worksheet. This enhancement gives users the ability to renumber Cost Estimate Items when Item changes occur at the Project level.

The software continues to see improvements that enhance the user’s experience and streamlines the workflow for unique business processes. AASHTOWare Project Estimation is a flexible cradle to grave application that can be implemented from the project or proposal level or from the very early planning stages and transition all the way through the final engineer’s estimate.

Some existing but note-worthy features in AASHTOWare Project Estimation are Typical Section Profiles, Parametric Items, Cost Sheets, Contingency Profiles and Life Cycle Maintenance Schedule Profiles. These tools can be set up as templates in AASHTOWare Project Estimation that can be utilized in the Estimate for their various functions.

The unified system can carry projects from a concept all the way through final construction. It all begins with the estimate.

– Charles Nickel, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development; Erica Daughtry, Info Tech, Inc.