Release of AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design v2.4

June 28, 2017

AASHTOWare is pleased to announce the next release of Pavement ME DesignTM software v2.4.

Version 2.4 is expected to be released in July 2017 and includes the Backcalculation Tools consisting of:

  • Preprocessing Tool – performs backcalculation using EVERCALC.
  • Deflection data conversion – converts deflection data into a format usable by EVERCALC.
  • FWD File formats – converts deflection data types between 3 to 5 common FWD file formats.
  • Data sanitization – provides users the ability to clean up the deflection data with regard to problem basins, errors, and other items that may cause problems when performing backcalculation analyses or when importing the data into Pavement ME Design.
  • Auto-segmentation – provides users the ability to automatically segment their FWD data into projects.
  • Manual segmentation – provides users the ability to manually segment their FWD data into projects.
  • Import utility data definition – allows users to import data containing the backcalculated modulus, and layer structure information as XML or JSON into Pavement ME Design.