Stay Engaged with AASHTOWare Project™

November 26, 2018

There are several ways to engage and to stay in the “know” when it comes to AASHTOWare Project. Just like the software suite, the AASHTOWare Project Task Force is continuously looking for ways to make AASHTOWare Project information more accessible. In addition to receiving email updates, project users can also find information on the AASHTOWare website and the InfoTech Cloverleaf project user site.

AASHTOWare Product Module Enhancement
In the past, when visiting the AASHTOWare Project modules page, users could only view a brief description of the product module when clicking on the “Learn More” button. But now, thanks to a recent enhancement, users can now download comprehensive informational product sheets for each of the modules; allowing for easier printing and sharing with colleagues and multiple users from the same agency.

New Addition – AASHTOWare Project Scrolling News Banner
When visiting the AASHTOWare Project webpage, users can now view the current news on the scrolling news banner. Site visitors no longer need to go to the news page. Now, simply click on the news headlines that grab your attention from the overview page. This makes it easier for the AASHTOWare Project community to stay up-to-date on what’s new.

AASHTOWare Project Video Resources
AASHTOWare Project has produced various videos that can be used as training and informational resources. On the AASHTO YouTube channel, Transportation TV, users can view, like, and share public videos about AASHTOWare Project (such as the AASHTOWare Project Executive Overview video and the AASHTOWare Data Analytics Proposal video). This makes staying engaged and spread the word about what’s going on in the project community easier than ever before.

On the AASHTOWare Project user website, Cloverleaf, view and download video content to share with others in your agency. Newly released videos such as the AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials TM – Materials Functionality Overview video and the AASHTOWare Project Hosting Services Overview video provide users with a better understanding of those products/services. Users can easily access all project video content by logging into Cloverleaf, clicking on “Products” in the left hand menu, and then by clicking on “View Webinars” on that page.

Be sure to view, download, like, and share to take advantage of all these video resources.

—  Devin Townsend, Assistant Materials Engineer, Nebraska State Department of Transportation; Akeia Carter, AASHTOWare Senior Marketing Specialist, AASHTO