Three Webinars Planned to Introduce the 2018 Enhancements

July 16, 2018

Several new enhancements are available in version 2.5 release. The major enhancements include:

  • Recalibration of the Flexible and Semi-Rigid Pavements Transfer Functions.
  • Capability to reset the Predicted Distress Values for Selected Preventive Maintenance Activities.
  • Integration of the MEPDG Manual of Practice into the software.
  • Customization of Reports.
  • Availability of MERRA Climate Data.
  • Input Levels 1, 2, and 3 for Indirect Tensile Strength.
  • An enhanced comparator tool.

Each webinar will be held in August to describe and explain the enhancements. An announcement was sent out to organizations with active licenses last month.

The following includes dates and topics:

Wednesday, August 1

  • Manual of Practice Integration into the Pavement ME software.
  • Customization of output reports.
  • Enhanced Comparator Tool.
  • Use of MERRA climate data.

Tuesday, August 14

  • Continuation to answer questions on use of the MERRA climate data. (If needed)
  • Preventive maintenance considerations.
  • Temperature dependent indirect tensile strength.

Tuesday, August 21 

  • Calibration coefficients of the transfer functions and prediction models.
  • The final webinar will be focused solely on the recalibration of the flexible and semi-rigid pavements.