Welcome to Your AASHTOWare ProjectTM e-Newsletter!

May 12, 2017

In February, we brought you the first AASHTOWare Project e-Newsletter and your response in reviewing and sharing the information indicated a welcomed renewed interest in participation and communication.

In this issue, we would like for you to meet the AASHTOWare Project Task Force Chair and Vice Chair and a few of the Info Tech, Inc. Account Managers; read outcomes and opinions of the AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & LaborTM Summit that was held this past December; get the latest information on our collaboration with Research, Innovation and Product Improvement (RIPI) funding; and see the updates from the AASHTOWare Project Decision SupportTM Pilot project.

We hope to continue to bring you exciting and informative articles in the future. We welcome your input and suggestions. Have an agency case study you would like to share? How is implementation going for you and your agency? If you have any comments regarding the current e-Newsletter, please contact the AASHTOWare Project Task Force or Melanie Douglass, AASHTO.

AASHTOWare Project e-News is sent to the AASHTOWare Project End User Designees (EUDs), the AASHTOWare Project Users Group (PUG) mailing list and others whose names are on the AASHTOWare Project e-Newsletter mailing list. Want to be added to the email list? Please send contact information to Melanie Douglass, AASHTO.

Look for our August AASHTOWare Project e-Newsletter for articles on an Ohio Department of Transportation Case Study for ROI with Mobile Inspector as well as Cloverleaf® data file sharing information.

– Janet Treadway, PTF Marketing and Communications Subgroup Chair, Ohio Department of Transportation.