What does the AASHTOWare ProjectTM Task Force do?

November 27, 2017

In the February newsletter, there was an article providing an overview of the AASHTOWare Project Task Force (PTF). Here is some additional information on the duties and roles of the Task Force.

The PTF provides strategic direction for and manages the AASHTOWare Project software but what does that mean? The PTF is continuously reviewing the Ticketed Modification Requests (TMR) for all the AASHTOWare Project modules. This involves reviewing the enhancement requests, maintenance requests, technology upgrade requests as well as the submitted warranty items. This review includes working with the agencies and the contractor to research the requests. Asking questions, studying the software, interviewing Subject Matter Experts and Agency users occurs for any of the items brought forward to the PTF.

Once the review is completed and all of the questions answered, the difficult work begins. Some of the items the PTF needs to consider when determining what to include in the next release of the software is:

  • Is there a workaround?
  • How many agencies will benefit?
  • What is the priority compared to other items?
  • How can the biggest benefit be achieved?
  • What funding is available?

Once the PTF has selected the TMRs, they become a part of a direction to the contractor to prepare a proposed work plan which provides both the details and estimates (both dollar and time estimates) for all items selected. Then a contract or contract modification is completed and provided to the Special Committee on AASHTOWare (SCOA) for review and approval. Once approved, the contract/contract modification is executed between AASHTO and the Contractor and the work begins.

The process is lengthy but helps ensure that the interest of the member agencies is being addressed.

​- Jeremy Kampeter, Missouri Department of Transportation