Your Account Managers

February 09, 2017

As the AASHTOWare® contractor for AASHTOWare ProjectTM, Info Tech, Inc. provides strategic Account Managers for the AASHTOWare Project agencies. What is an Account Manager? An Account Manager manages the relationship among the agency, the AASHTOWare Project Task Force, AASHTO and Info Tech. The Account Manager is responsible for information sharing for products and services, assistance in issue resolution and coordination of demonstration of products and capabilities.  The Account Manager is also responsible for coordinating responses to agency proposals and soliciting user feedback through meetings, call tickets and Ticketed Modification Requests (TMRs). The Account Manager works closely with the Agency’s End User Designee (EUD) coordinating license issues, AASHTOWare representative visits and agency status reports. The Account Manager is, as the title suggests, responsible for account management, but more importantly the Account Manager is the relationship manager. One of their top priorities is to get to know you, your requirements and bring viable, realistic solutions that meet your specific needs.

The Account Managers are Conchi Ossa, Dave Carrow, Mark Douglas, Stan Silva, Ward Zerbe and Wendell Gardner. These Account Managers have over 150 years of working for or with transportation agencies. To find your agency’s Account Manager visit the Account Manager Map​ on Cloverleaf. The individual Account Managers will be highlighted in the next two newsletters (May and August editions) providing an opportunity to know them better.​

– Ron Gant, Director of Marketing, Info Tech, Inc.​