AASHTOWare Bridge features several modules that will help you manage every aspect of bridge construction and management.

AASHTOWare Bridge Design

AASHTOWare Bridge Design employs the same database and graphical user interface as AASHTOWare Bridge Rating, and has the same application program interface for third-party add-on modules. (See AASHTOWare Bridge Rating section on Architectural Support for Third-Party Customizations and Add-Ons.) AASHTOWare ...

AASHTOWare Bridge Rating

AASHTOWare Bridge Rating is AASHTOWare’s product for bridge load rating, featuring state-of-the-art graphical tools to speed preparation of the data and application of the results. Using a newly developed AASHTO module as its analytical engine for load and resistance ...

AASHTOWare Bridge Management

AASHTOWare Bridge Management supports the entire bridge management cycle, and is capable of maintenance tracking and federal reporting. The software integrates the objectives of public safety and risk reduction, user convenience, and preservation of investment to produce budgetary, maintenance, and ...
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