AASHTOWare Bridge features several modules that will help you manage every aspect of bridge construction and management.

AASHTOWare Bridge Design

The AASHTOWare Bridge Design analytical software allows users to perform bridge design using a state-of-the-art tool for superstructure and substructure design. Bridge Design and AASHTOWare Bridge Rating are fully-linked tools that work together to model and evaluate different bridge design ...

AASHTOWare Bridge Rating

The AASHTOWare Bridge Rating analytical software allows users to perform bridge load ratings that are indispensable for determining maintenance needs, assuring public safety, scheduling retrofit or replacement elements, and for assessing overload permits. Bridge Rating provides highly accurate load rating ...

AASHTOWare Bridge Management

The AASHTOWare Bridge Management analytical software not only provides the means to collect and store bridge (and tunnel) inspection and inventory data for Federal reporting purposes, it also allows users to track bridge preservation and maintenance, perform bridge deterioration modeling, ...
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  • AASHTOWare Bridge Rating

  • AASHTOWare Bridge Management