AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design is available for license to agencies with membership or associate membership in AASHTO and to other entities located in the United States. Each licensee shall designate a primary contact person through whom all support and maintenance will be coordinated with the contractor support team.

Subscription Service (V3.0)

Web-based subscriptions are only available for version 3.0 of the software. Costs are dependent on the number of user seats desired by the agency. The number of users that may access the system at a time is limited by the number of seats purchased by the agency. Agencies may register any number of users for the service.


Description Annual License Fee
Single User Subscription $8,000
Subscription Service – 9 concurrent seats $32,050
Subscription Service – 14 concurrent seats $48,050
Subscription Service – 20 concurrent seats $64,000

Purchasers of the subscription service for up to 20 concurrent seats will have an option to increase the number of concurrent seats for $2,500 each.

Agencies choosing to license the subscription version of the software will have three hosting options to select from:

• Multi-Tenant Cloud (recommended, no additional fee)

• Single Tenant Cloud – (purchased through AASHTO using Hosting Service Units)

• On–premise

On-premise hosting may have additional costs that are not covered with in the subscription pricing. Deployment assistance and software implementation services can be purchased through service units.

As part of the subscription service all licensing member agencies will also be granted access to the legacy desktop software as part of the subscription. Licensees will receive the desktop software license that correlates to the subscription seats purchased.

Individual Workstation License

The individual workstation license allows only one user to use the software at a time. With this option, the computer operates in standalone mode. An agency can purchase multiple workstation licenses.

Description Annual License Fee
Individual Workstation $8,000

Site License

A site license is based on the maximum number of concurrent users accessing the program through a single license server in the network.  A site license requires a connection to a license server when installing the software.

A site license permits cities/counties, and contractors/consultants employed by the licensing agency access to the product on the Member Department’s network.

Note: AASHTO member agencies wishing to exercise this option will be required to register the names and contact information for all contractors/consultants using AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design via their Site License and will be responsible for protecting AASHTO’s intellectual property rights to the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design product by having each contractor execute the Contractor Agreement in the form specified in Appendix A of the Supplemental License Agreement, and providing a copy of the executed Contractor Agreement to AASHTO.

Description Annual License Fee
Site License – up to 9 concurrent users $32,500
Site License – up to 14 concurrent users $48,050
Site License – up to 20 concurrent users $64,500

Note:  Purchasers of the Site License for up to 20 Concurrent Users will have an option to increase the number of concurrent users for $2,500 each.

Backcalculation Tool

The Pavement ME Deflection Data Analysis and Backcalculation Tool is a standalone software program that can be used to generate backcalculation inputs from Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) files to the AASHTO Pavement ME Design software for rehabilitation design. The tool is capable of analyzing raw deflection data files from three FWD testing devices: Dynatest®, JILS and KUAB. The tool provides three major functions: pre-processing deflection data (including project segmentation), backcalculation, and post-processing of results to generate inputs for Pavement ME rehabilitation design. This tool uses the EVERCALC® algorithm for the iterative backcalculation process.

Although the tool is included with the Pavement ME Design software, it can also be licensed separately and used as a standalone single user application. A training presentation is available at http://me-design.com/MEDesign/Webinars.html.

Description Annual License Fee
Standalone Single User Backcalculation Tool $1,300

There is no evaluation or educational version for the backcalculation tool.

International License

AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design is available for licensing to entities located outside the United States and that do not have membership in AASHTO. These international entities must license through Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA), ARA can be reached at:

Applied Research Associates, Inc.
100 Trade Centre Drive, Suite 200
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 356-4500
Fax: (217) 356-3088

Educational Option

This is a no cost workstation version of the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design software that is modified for use by educational institutions within the jurisdictions of our Member Departments, and/or Associate Members for teaching purposes in the classroom only. This option is not available to individuals and it is not to be used for research, graduate work or any other purpose. (An SI version is available for those institutions located within the jurisdictions of international AASHTO Member Departments.)

The no cost educational version differs from the full version as follows:

  • Limited design types–new asphalt and concrete (JPCP and CRCP), AC/AC overlays, AC/JPCP overlays, unbonded PCC overlays;
  • Limited analysis period: 30 years;
  • Limited climate stations: 8 to 10 stations from around the country representing each climate zone;
  • No batch mode and sensitivity analysis;
  • Output reports (PDF and Excel) include the watermark text “Educational Version” and
  • No access to intermediate output files.

Note: A licensing agreement executed by the institution assuring compliance with the education and training limitation is necessary to exercise the educational license option.

The license agreement is between the institution and AASHTO. Therefore, the educational version of the software is limited to one copy per institution and should be used in a computer lab environment, installed on computers owned by the institution. It should not be installed on individual personal student machines.

If the software is installed on multiple machines, the machines should be ghosted.

Only one copy of the educational software is licensed to each institution and the maximum number of seats per institution is limited to 25.

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