AASHTOWare Safety Analyst provides a set of software tools for use by state and local highway agencies for highway safety management.  These tools can be used to develop programming for site-specific highway safety improvements following the process and procedures in the Highway Safety Manual (HSM).

AASHTOWare Safety Analyst incorporates the HSM safety management approaches into computerized analytical tools for guiding the decision-making process.  Because it has a strong basis in cost-effectiveness analysis, AASHTOWare Safety Analyst can play an important role in prioritizing improvements so that highway agencies get the greatest possible safety benefit from each dollar spent in the name of safety.

AASHTOWare Safety Analyst

AASHTOWare Safety Analyst integrates all parts of the highway safety management process into a single software package. AASHTOWare Safety Analyst includes five analysis modules: The Network Screening Module identifies sites with potential for safety improvements. It includes an option to use a variety of severity levels and any crash attribute as screening criteria. Measures of effectiveness and statistical methodologies are used to provide a more a reliable list of locations warranting further investigation. The Diagnosis and Countermeasure Selection Module is used to diagnose the nature of safety problems at specific sites and assist users in selecting effective countermeasures to address those problems. It facilitates thorough diagnosis through basic collision diagramming and identification of significant accident patterns, and systematic countermeasure selection through site-specific diagnostic questions. The Economic Appraisal and Priority Ranking Module performs an economic appraisal of countermeasures or alternative countermeasures for a specific site, an optimization of sites and countermeasures, ...
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