AASHTOWare Safety provides a set of software tools for use by state and local highway agencies for highway safety management.  These tools can be used to develop programming for site-specific highway safety improvements following the process and procedures in the Highway Safety Manual (HSM).

AASHTOWare Safety Segment Analytics

AASHTOWare Safety Segment Analytics is a cloud-based SaaS platform that connects to external databases to receive crash, vehicle and occupant data, roadway data, asset data, as well as any other data supplied by the licensing agency, to power a number ...

AASHTOWare Safety Intersection Analytics

The AASHTOWare Safety Intersection Analytics builds on the segment-level data made available under the applications included in AASHTOWare Safety Segment Analytics. With the addition of AASHTOWare Safety Intersection Analytics, each application can be configured to incorporate intersection data as well. ...

AASHTOWare Safety Trend Analytics

The AASHTOWare Safety Trend Analytics allows users to create custom dashboards to visualize any element of their data in an easy-to-use, and easy-to-share format. Create secure dashboards to share within your organization, or publicly available dashboards to share data with ...
  • AASHTOWare Safety Segment Analytics

  • AASHTOWare Safety Intersection Analytics

  • AASHTOWare Safety Trend Analytics