Single Workstation Option

This license allows installation and use of AASHTOWare Safety Analyst software on a single standalone workstation.  Use of the software under this license is limited to one user at a time.  The agency is not permitted to share the software, or access to the software and its data, with contractors/consultants employed by the agency, nor cities, counties, or regional agencies within the agency’s jurisdiction.  This license is not intended to restrict the storage of the data or location of the database, which is permitted to be on an agency network or server computer.

Description Annual License Fee
Single Workstation Option $21,200

Site License

This license allows use of AASHTOWare Safety Analyst on an unlimited number of workstations within an agency, and permits contractors / consultants / universities operating on behalf of the member agency with a formal contract access to the software under Appendix A to the Master and Supplemental Agreements described in the policies and procedures section.

Note: AASHTO member agencies wishing to exercise this option will be required to register the names and contact information for all contractors/consultants using AASHTOWare Safety Analyst via their Site License and will be responsible for protecting AASHTO’s intellectual property rights to the AASHTOWare Safety Analyst product by having each contractor execute the Contractor Agreement in the form specified in Appendix A of the Supplemental License Agreement, and providing a copy of the executed Contractor Agreement to AASHTO.

Description Annual License Fee
Site License $37,200

International License

This AASHTOWare Safety Analyst license is available for agencies in foreign countries with Associate-International membership in AASHTO.  This license option includes limited engineering and data management support.  All software updates released during the fiscal year are also included.  Each licensing agency shall designate a prime contact person through whom all support and maintenance will be coordinated with the contractor.  The licensing agency shall also be responsible for ensuring protection of AASHTO trademarks and copyrights for all copies of the software made available to the licensing agency within the constraints of the International License agreement.

Description Annual License Fee
International Workstation License $21,200
International Site License $37,200

Agency Sponsored Licenses

A member agency who is a licensee of the AASHTOWare Safety Analyst site license may purchase on behalf of consulting engineering firms or a local agencies performing safety analysis supporting the member agency goals to improve safety. The member agency licensee may purchase the following AASHTOWare Safety Analyst client software bundles for sharing. The system requires a database engine and includes limited support by the member agency. Consulting firms or local agencies using this license option will be required to sign a software license agreement with AASHTO. Application support for consultants or local agencies licensing under this option is provided through the member agency licensee only, not the contractor.

Description Annual License Fee
AASHTOWare Safety Analyst (Client Only) 5 Copies $2,500
10 Copies $4,500

Application support for consultants or local agencies licensing under this option is provided through the member agency licensee only, not the contractor.

Educational Option

This option exists for educational institutions within the jurisdictions of our Member Departments, and/or Associate Members to AASHTOWare Safety Analyst free of charge for use in the classroom.  This option is not available to individuals and it is not to be used for research, graduate work or any other purpose.

Note: A licensing agreement executed by the institution assuring compliance with the education and training limitation is necessary to exercise this option.

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