AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics™ Solicitation Released

August 28, 2018

AASHTO has released a project proposal for the development of AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics, under the AASHTOWare® technical service program that will enable data-driven decision support and historical data analysis on both web-based and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms.

AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics will leverage the existing web-based AASHTOWare Project unified database, providing additional value to the collection of the AASHTOWare Project data. This software will provide agencies the ability to perform interactive data analytics using feature sets that are tailored specifically to the highway construction field. This software development effort will considerably enhance each functional area and integrate data from all AASHTOWare Project modules for a more streamlined data review with decision-making capabilities.

“AASHTOWare Project is already a robust enterprise-wide software solution which significantly increases efficiency and productivity for transportation agencies nationwide. I am extremely excited with the addition of the data analytics software-as-a-service as it will provide tremendous additional business value to this already outstanding set of tools.”
-Kevin Fox, AASHTOWare Project Program Manager, Michigan DOT,

AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics will be integrated with the AASHTOWare Project software and built to maximize the potential of the AASHTOWare Project unified database. The software will aid in breaking down departmental silos by using and analyzing all data from the estimate, letting, bids, construction, materials, civil rights and labor. This will provide more accurate, current results and the ability to respond more quickly and precisely to citizen, legislative, and vendor requests.

For additional information regarding the intent and benefits of the new software, please check out the AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics video.

Any questions about this project solicitation, the proposed system, or the AASHTOWare Cooperative Software Development Program should be directed to Brian Korschgen, AASHTO Associate Project Manager.