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The AASHTOWare Bridge Management Task Force provides technical oversight to the on-going support, maintenance and enhancement of AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM). They meet with the software developers 5 times a year to ensure compliance with annual work plans and set strategic direction for AASHTOWare Bridge Management (BrM).


David Hedeen – Minnesota Department of Transportation, Chair

Kent Miller, P.E. – Nebraska Department of Transportation, Vice Chair

Craig Nazareth – Rhode Island Department of Transportation

Emily Bickley, P.E. – South Carolina Department of Transportation

Justin Alamares, M.S., PE – California Department of Transportation

Jacob Armour, P.E. – Michigan Department of Transportation

Ryan Cram – Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

AASHTO Support:

Ryan Fragapane – Product Director

Ben Sade – Associate Product Manager

Benefits of joining:

  • Insight into the status of the AASHTOWare Bridge products which your department licenses
  • The ability to influence the continuing improvement of those products and proactively incorporate AASHTOWare Bridge product changes into your department’s operations
  • Opportunity to acquire valuable contacts with other departments

How to apply:

Are you interested in joining the AASHTOWare Bridge Management Task Force? Contact Ryan Fragapane, Product Director at or Ben Sade, Associate Product Manager at