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The AASHTO Cooperative Computer Software Development Program, also referred to as the AASHTO Joint Development Program, is administered under the provisions of Administrative Resolution AR-2-86 as adopted and modified from time to time by the AASHTO Board of Directors. Under this program, each AASHTOWare product and development project is guided by a task force. These task forces, together with other advisory task forces, are directed by the Special Committee on AASHTOWare (SCOA). This Catalog describes the AASHTOWare products and projects to be offered in the fiscal year and establishes the license and/or participation fees. The AASHTO Executive Committee approves the annual program budget, while the Board of Directors retains responsibility for approving the policies governing the Software Development program. This committee structure is illustrated below.

AASHTOWare Organizational Chart

Cooperative Computer Software Development Organization.


The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association that represents the member highway and transportation departments in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. It is the only association that represents all five transportation modes – air, highways, public transportation, rail, and water. Its purpose is to foster the development, operation, and maintenance of an integrated national transportation system.

Membership to AASHTO is on an agency basis. The U.S. Department of Transportation is an ex-officio member. A number of transportation agencies in other countries belong to the Association as affiliate members. Several sub-state transportation agencies in the U.S. and several federal agencies are associate members. Membership is not extended to individuals or private sector entities.

Note: To obtain the listing of all AASHTO Members, please visit

On The Horizon

This information is provided with the objective of letting agencies know about planned product enhancements and new products or projects that are expected to be solicited through the joint development process in the upcoming year. Projects presented in this section are almost certain to move forward but have not yet been developed to the extent that they are ready to be formally offered in this catalog. It is also intended to give agencies sufficient lead-time to budget for their participation.

AASHTOWare Project Data AnalyticsTM Solicitation

The AASHTOWare Project Task Force will solicit new funding to support the development of approved functionality in the web-based and software-as-a-service (SaaS) AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics software. Funding obtained through the solicitation will reduce the time that it takes to complete the development.

The proposed effort will take advantage of the SaaS architecture to release feature/model functionality for production use throughout the project as approved by the AASHTOWare Project Task Force. Participating agencies will have input into defining the functionality and testing the new software in hosted SaaS environments using their agency’s data prior to production release.

AASHTOWare Bridge Design/AASHTOWare Bridge Rating Software Modernization Project

The AASHTOWare Bridge Design/AASHTOWare Bridge Rating system is undergoing a software modernization effort which began in FY2017. The current system, initially released in April 1999, will be revamped to take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies, software architecture, development environments, and development tools. Project goals include:

  • Significant upgrades to the core technology to a modern architecture that better utilizes current and future hardware, and the latest software development technologies;
  • Improve analysis performance by taking advantage of the latest hardware and software advances (parallelization, multi-threading capabilities);
  • Improve and simplify the user interface;
  • Improve reporting capabilities;
  • Reduce implementation time for new users; and
  • Reduce maintenance costs.

The AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force is soliciting new funding to support the AASHTOWare Bridge Design/AASHTOWare Bridge Rating software modernization project. All funding obtained to support this project will reduce the time that it takes to convert the software to a web-services architecture.

The AASHTOWare Bridge Design/AASHTOWare Bridge Rating modernized software will continue to use the existing database model, support the library of AASHTO specifications and will feature all of the current design, analysis and rating capabilities supported by an improved user interface that can be configured to the user’s needs and familiarity with the software.

AASHTO welcomes interested agencies to contribute to the AASHTOWare Bridge Design/AASHTOWare Bridge Rating Modernization project. Agencies may elect to use newly purchased or existing AASHTOWare Bridge Design/AASHTOWare Bridge Rating Service Units to help fund participation in this project. In addition, AASHTO has coordinated with the Federal Highway Administration to allow the use of State Planning and Research (SP&R) funds for participation in this project.

Members interested in participating in the project should contact the AASHTO project manager, Judy Tarwater (

New for Fiscal Year 2019

The following summarizes several AASHTOWare product options, features and enhancements that are new for the current AASHTO fiscal and license year. Detailed descriptions of these new product options and features are provided in the applicable product sections in this catalog.

AASHTOWare ProjectTM 4.0

The AASHTOWare Project 4.0 software release is available. The AASHTOWare Project 4.0 software includes enhancements to the AASHTOWare Project EstimationTM, AASHTOWare PreconstructionTM, AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & LaborTM, and AASHTOWare Project Construction & MaterialsTM modules. Upgrading to the latest version of the software can help your agency visit Project 3.01-10 Reasons to Upgrade for more information.

AASHTOWare ProjectTM 4.1

The AASHTOWare Project 4.1 software is planned for release in July 2018. The AASHTOWare Project 4.1 software includes enhancements to the AASHTOWare Preconstruction, AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor, and AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials modules.

AASHTOWare Project Data AnalyticsTM

The first licensable component of the AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics software became available with the AASHTOWare Project 4.0 software release in September 2017. AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics currently provides graphical, bid-based price analysis and item price estimates utilizing historical bid data from the web-based AASHTOWare Project unified database. The analytical methodology, originating from AASHTOWare Project BAMS/DSS, includes expanded functionality available only in the web-based version of AASHTOWare Project.



AASHTOWare Bridge Design/AASHTOWare Bridge RatingTM

With development of the multi-year AASHTOWare Bridge Design/AASHTOWare Bridge Rating Software Modernization Project underway at full speed, the AASHTOWare Bridge Design 6.8.3 and AASHTOWare Bridge Rating 6.8.3 released in FY2018 marks the Phase 1 completion of the Modernization Project. The first release of the modernized system focuses on the AASHTO analysis engine. A fully modernized superstructure analysis and specification checking engine is available in the legacy 6.8.3 system along with the existing legacy analysis engine. Users can choose between the existing legacy analysis engine and the new modernized analysis engine.

Annual product releases to support necessary maintenance will continue for the duration of the AASHTOWare Bridge Design/AASHTOWare Bridge Rating Modernization Project. However, functionality enhancements will not be incorporated into the 6.8.X releases. Support for AASHTOWare Bridge Design/AASHTOWare Bridge Rating release 6.8.4 and all earlier versions will cease effective June 30, 2021.

AASHTOWare Bridge ManagementTM

Agencies licensing AASHTOWare Bridge Management in FY2019 will receive a. copy of web-based AASHTOWare Bridge Management 5.3.

AASHTOWare Bridge Management 5.3, released in September 2017, supports improved project management and analysis functions with updated deterioration module dashboards as well as the available project and program modules. Highlights of AASHTOWare Bridge Management 5.3 include:

  • Migration from Cassini to ISS Express – With the recent migration to ISS Express, the legacy Cassini framework that supports the workstation has been abandoned.
  • Re-write of Element Condition Grid:
    • Significant performance improvements
    • Repositioning of buttons and functionality, as well as new functionality (such as multi-sorting and new search capabilities).
    • Update of SHOULD/SHALL for defect quantities now set as a COPTION (ELEMINSPALLOWCHDQTYGTRPARENT, default to SHALL)
    • Improved validation and warning/error messages.
  • Parameters Page Update
    • Nulls are now allowed
    • Added the ability to include a sort order to the entries
  • Sufficiency Rating Page Update – Updated sufficiency rating page. In 5.2.2 the calculation code was migrated from C++ to the database. In 5.3 the sufficiency rating page User Interface has been updated and improved
  • Enhanced rule builder for network policies – Ability to use elements in the rule builder for network policies
  • Cross Section Module – Inclusion of the Alabama Department of Transportation Cross-Section Module. The module is a port from the existing Alabama DOT custom module, expanded to meet the needs of the user community at large.
  • Load Rating Module – Inclusion of a new Load Rating Module that allows users to store more detailed load rating data in BrM. This module can support vehicles which are unique to user agencies, perform multiple load rating events to give a full load rating history of a structure, and store future load ratings which may not take effect until after construction is completed.
  • Default Data Script
    • Inclusion of IsActive in additional screens/tables. Additional tables/screens will have the Isactive functionality similar to the functionality in the PARAMTRS table. Users will now have the ability to ‘soft delete’ (hide) certain data from the rest of the software, and the scripts will not add the data back. (e.g the user has the ability to remove a filter from the rest of the system, without the scripts trying to bring it back).
    • Restoration of Default. Originally planned for inclusion via a separate script, this feature has been added via a simpler approach involving a script toggle option. The name of this option is ‘DISABLE_FORCE_DEF_BY_TABLE’. By default, is the option forces all data to be restored. (If desired, the default setting can be reset to not force all data to be restored).
  • Error Pre-Check Script – Inclusion of the Error Check Prescript to identify invalid data/invalid relationships/etc. prior to running the ‘mega-script’ for upgrading the user’s database.

Development of AASHTOWare Bridge Management 5.3.01, which will incorporate high priority improvements, has begun and is anticipated to be released in early FY2019. AASHTOWare Bridge Management 5.3.01 will include the following new features:

  • A Patchable Version – In response to user requests for a ‘patchable’ version of AASHTOWare Bridge Management, the Task Force is focusing on developing this patchable version of AASHTOWare Bridge Management that will allow the software to be patched rather than requiring a complete reinstall for many of the software changes, including bug fixes. Future software releases that introduce significant changes to AASHTOWare Bridge Management functionality may still require a complete software reinstall.
  • Screen Needs List Export, export all lists, (e.g. needs list and graphs)
  • Updates and Improvements to Reports – In response to feedback from the user community to update and improve AASHTOWare Bridge Management standard reports, the Reports TAG has identified several reports to be updated and/or modified in release 5.3.01.
  • Mapping Feature Enhancements – In response to feedback from the user community, improved functionality related to AASHTOWare Bridge Management mapping features will be delivered with release 5.3.01.

AASHTO is also offering the option to have AASHTOWare Bridge Management hosted by the contractor. Agencies interested in online hosting services should contact the contractor, Bentley Systems, for more information.

In addition to the hosting of AASHTOWare Bridge Management, licensees will be able to purchase optional add-on modules as they become available to enhance the overall capabilities of the system.

AASHTOWare Safety AnalystTM

AASHTOWare Safety Analyst will include the following enhancement in FY2018:

  • Integration of GIS for Selecting Sites into a Site List
    This enhancement will introduce an initial Geographic Information System (GIS) capability in Safety Analyst. The objective is to implement a capability with which an analyst can select sites for analysis from a GIS display. The implementation will extend the prototype GIS integration effort that was begun as part of a research initiative undertaken in fiscal year 2015. This enhancement will be implemented as an option for adding sites to a site list rather than as a replacement for the current site list operation. This will allow the user community to evaluate the chosen GIS engine, file management approach, and interfaces with respect to their GIS data stores.
  • New SPFs to be developed for:
    • Roundabouts,
    • 6 plus lanes and one way arterials, and
    • Additional Highway Safety Manual sites types.

AASHTOWare Pavement ME DesignTM

AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design will include the following enhancements in FY2018:

  • Customization of Reports
    This will allow users to select which report components they want to enable or disable.
  • Gray Out or Immobilize Parameters Not Used for Design Criteria
    The current implementation relies on only the performance criteria related to the selected design strategy being present. A new condition will check the “grayed-out” status of the parameter to see if it should be included in the mapping consumption process.
  • Capability to Reset Performance Parameters
    A user may want to the ability to reset/keep performance parameters (e.g.; IRI and rut depths) after interim treatment(s) to the original design.
  • Adding K-Value as an Input Variable
    The interface screens will be revised so that the K-value is entered rather than resilient modulus for the subgrade soil.
  • Use LTPP MERRA Data for ICM

Important Administrative Policies and Procedures

When AASHTO issues a license for one or more of its computer software products, it is done on an organization or agency wide basis, and not to individuals. The following is intended to clarify and define what is included and meant by the use of the terms “organization or agency. “An “organization” or “agency” may be:

An AASHTO member department, or associate member agency;

An Agency, Department or equivalent governmental organization that is an officially constituted or a designated unit of a sovereign Country’s national government and with whom the U.S. Government does not prohibit issuing such licenses;

An Agency, Department or equivalent governmental organization of a State, Province or similarly constituted unit of a sovereign Country and with whom the U.S. Government does not prohibit issuing such licenses;

An Agency, Department or equivalent governmental organization of a county or similarly constituted unit of a State;

A city;

An educational institution; and

A private sector firm, company or corporation.

AASHTO licenses computer software products to organizations or agencies under the terms and conditions of a Master License Agreement and a Supplemental License Agreement. AASHTO agreements include limitations on the use of the AASHTO software products, protections of AASHTO proprietary rights, limitations on warranties and other terms and conditions relevant to the use of the AASHTO software products by the licensee. In such instances where a licensee employs a contractor to perform certain work for the licensee using the AASHTO software products, the contractor must acknowledge the rights, limitations, terms and conditions set forth in the AASHTO Agreements and agree to be bound by the same. Contractor acknowledgement must be accomplished via the execution of the Contractor Agreement (Appendix A to the Master and Supplemental Agreements).

Provisions for Sunsetting an AASHTOWare Product

The administrative procedures and practice for sunsetting or discontinuing AASHTO support for outdated options, versions, releases and even entire products have been established. You will note that sunsetting has been and is being announced or confirmed for some aspect of a current AASHTOWare product(s). You should carefully read the sections of this document that describe specific products and refer to sunsetting activities.

No Cost AASHTOWare Product Evaluation

AASHTO member agencies may request to install and evaluate most AASHTOWare products for a period of 120 calendar days without licensing fees. AASHTO member agencies may request to evaluate the AASHTOWare Project software for a period of 180-days at no cost. The SYNC Service for AASHTOWare Project is available for a no cost 90-day license.

The software provided is not a demonstration copy but the actual executable full-function current software release of the product. Execution of an Evaluation License Agreement is required. This no cost option is limited to one evaluation period per agency per product prior to licensing.

This licensing option is also available to non-member entities for limited periods with certain restrictions. Additionally, AASHTO will evaluate requests from international entities on a case-by-case basis, depending on the software desired and the level of technical support required. Contact the AASHTO staff representative listed for the respective products for more information.