End User Designees and PUG Reps: What are they?

May 31, 2018

Both the End User Designee and the PUG representatives are assigned by their respective AASHTOWare licensing agency with very specific roles and duties in relation to AASHTOWare®.

Each AASHTOWare licencing agency is responsible for designating an End User Designee (EUD).  The EUD is the agency’s single point of contact for AASHTOWare communications, product related support and the recipient of all software/product materials.  The Agency can assign a separate EUD for each AASHTOWare product area they license.

Some of the EUDs responsibilities include:

  • Working with the Agency’s Financial Designee on responses to AASHTOWare Solicitations
  • Working on yearly licensing agreement for the AASHTOWare Products
  • Receiving product updates and releases
  • Coordinating internal agency distribution of new releases, product upgrades, approval of agreements for products and related services
  • Overseeing the agency annual ballot process and monitoring the status of product implementation within agency
  • Most importantly, disseminating information internally with agency personnel on communications from the AASHTOWare contractors on product issues, information from the Project Task Force, and AASHTO

As a user of AASHTOWare, you should get to know your agency’s EUD as they are your primary contact to AASHTO, the AASHTOWare contractors, and the Project Task Force.  You can find your agency EUD at the following link:  https://www.cloverleaf.net/csp/people#people_euds (Cloverleaf user id and password required).   If you don’t currently have a Cloverleaf account, please contact Info Tech at (352) 381-4400 or e-mail them at customer.support@cloverleaf.net.

The Project User Group (PUG) is a Non-profit Independent Organization made up of Member Agencies that license AASHTOWare Products.  The PUG is a guiding force behind the AASHTOWare Project software.  The PUG is made up of PUG Reps (Project User Group Representatives) for all the AASHTOWare Project licensing agencies.  The PUG Rep is the agency’s voting member regarding PUG business items, issues and concerning relating to the product line.

Some of the PUG Reps responsibilities include:

  • Represent your agency’s interest in the product
  • Participate in discussions on product maintenance, enhancement or support needs
  • Prioritize your agency’s enhancement and support needs
  • Network with other AASHTOWare Project members
  • Share your experiences

As agency employees it is important for you to get involved with the product, through the PUG; as a PUG Rep, PUG attendee, Board Member and/or by participating on a Technical Advisory Group (TAGs) as an agency representative or as a guest to a monthly TAG meetings.  You should get to know your agency PUG Rep, for each product area, so you can pass along your enhancements or concerns for the AASHTOWare Project software.  You can read more on the PUG at the following link:   http://pug.cloverleaf.net/ (user id and password NOT required).

– Charles Groshens, Minnesota Department of Transportation