AASHTOWare Project Implementation Forum – Is Your Agency at the Table?

May 22, 2019

Is your state DOT implementing AASHTOWare Project? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a forum available to allow agencies to share implementation experiences, best practices, and even difficulties? Well, you are in luck; for AASHTO has recently created a platform for exactly that. Why should agencies recreate the wheel implementing an AASHTOWare Project module when there are agencies currently undergoing the same process?


The forum meets monthly to have a virtual roundtable about topics selected by participants and generally includes agency led presentations.

Currently, we have 14 states implementing AASHTOWare Project Construction and Materials. If your agency is in the process of implementing this module and not involved in this forum, or is about to begin implementing, please contact Keith Platte to receive an invite to future meetings.


By:          Keith Platte, AASHTOWare Associate Project Director; Brian Korschgen, AASHTO Project Manager


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