AASHTOWare Safety Analyst facilitates cost-effective, site-specific highway safety improvements. The software, which serves local as well as state highway agencies, integrates the analytic approaches recommended in the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) into a single package, providing a program to guide the decision-making process, prioritize improvements and help your agency get the greatest possible safety benefit from each dollar it spends.

The software relies on information readily available to most highway agencies: crash data, traffic data, and either roadway segment, intersection or ramp data.

AASHTOWare Safety Analyst was developed as a cooperative effort between the Federal Highway Administration and participating state and local agencies.

Safety Analyst implements the most reliable procedures in Part B (“Roadway Safety Management Process”) of the Highway Safety Manual, a national resource for quantitative information about crash analysis and evaluation.

“The effectiveness of crash analysis depends on the proper analysis methods and the availability of current software tools and quality data. AASHTOWare Safety Analysis provides a set of analytical tools to identify and manage a system wide program of site-specific improvements to enhance highway safety.”

Derek Troyer, State Highway Safety Engineer, Ohio DOT