AASHTOWare Safety

AASHTOWare Safety is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform specifically designed to meet the unique needs of state and local transportation agencies in the area of highway traffic safety management. The AASHTOWare Safety platform begins by ingesting, cleansing, and combining data to make it more meaningful and ready for analysis. The integrated Safety Data Warehouse that the platform is built upon, houses all the necessary data and translates it into language humans naturally understand, resulting in a refreshingly easy, intuitive search experience.

As defined by the Highway Safety Manual, there are six steps in the Roadway Highway Safety Management Process: 1) Network Screening, 2) Diagnosis, 3) Countermeasure Selection, 4) Economic Appraisal, 5) Project Prioritization, and 6) Safety Effectiveness Evaluation. By facilitating the data unification and manipulation process, the AASHTOWare Safety platform provides automated insights that allow agencies to make better decisions faster, with a higher degree of confidence.

AASHTOWare Offerings

The AASHTOWare Safety platform software consists of the following three product offerings:

AASHTOWare Safety Segment

AASHTOWare Safety Segment

AASHTOWare Safety SegmentAccess comprehensive crash, vehicle, occupant, roadway, and asset data through our cloud-based SaaS platform, powering purpose-built applications.

AASHTOWare Safety Intersection

AASHTOWare Safety Intersection

AASHTOWare Safety IntersectionAASHTOWare Safety Intersection builds on the segment-level data made available under the applications included in AASHTOWare Safety Segment.

AASHTOWare Safety Trend

AASHTOWare Safety Trend

AASHTOWare Safety TrendCreate customizable, user-friendly data dashboards with ease, through our AASHTOWare Safety Trend software.

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