AASHTOWare PermitRoute

AASHTOWare PermitRoute, powered by ProMiles, is a cloud-based automated technology solution tailored for real-time oversized overweight permitting and routing need of state and local transportation agencies. Developed over the past 13 years with direct input from DOT members, AASHTOWare PermitRoute has become the leading software solution for DOT members, being utilized by 57% of states. To ensure safety and efficiency AASTHOWare PermitRoute analyzes a variety of factors ranging from route restrictions and load attributes to jurisdiction preferences and equipment to create real-time routing and permitting guidance.

AASTHOWare PermitRoute’s efficient system administration is tailored to accommodate the widest variety of permit types through in-depth configurations, guaranteeing compliance with every transported load. Additionally, this system seamlessly integrates with all major load rating tools including AASHTOWare Bridge Rating software, conveniently facilitating precise and expedient load ratings in accordance with FHWA standards.

All States have the authority per 23 CFR § 658 (h) to implement a program for permitting travel of vehicles that exceed federal size and weight limits for non-divisible vehicles or loads. The 2022 final rule of the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS, 23 CFR§ 650 Subpart C) requires analysis for routine and special permit loads to ensure bridge safety.

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