BridgeLink Professional

BridgeLink Professional™, a suite of bridge engineering software, is a proprietary product of BridgeSight Inc., South Lake Tahoe, California which interfaces with the AASHTOWare Bridge Design & Rating database for precast- prestressed girder bridges and provides additional features and tools to support bridge design and rating activities. This integration allows users to utilize AASHTOWare Bridge Design & Rating data in BridgeLink Professional™ to take advantage of additional features within the software. BridgeLink Professional™ includes several purpose-built software tools to meet the needs of bridge professionals and enhance the bridge design and rating process.

About the Software

BridgeLink contains the following software tools.

  • PGSuper ProfessionalTM—a tool for precast-prestressed girder bridge design, analysis, and load rating
  • PGSplice ProfessionalTM—a tool for precast-prestressed spliced girder bridge design, analysis, and load rating
  • BEToolboxTM—Bridge Engineering Toolbox utility programs
  • PGStableTM—Precast girder lifting and hauling stability analyses
  • TOGATM—TxDOT Optional Girder Analysis tool
  • XBRateTM—reinforced concrete cross beam load ratin


Single-Site Licenses provide unlimited installations of PGSuper Professional for an entire office located at a single physical address. Companies must purchase a Single-Site License for each office location separately. The following options are available for this license based on the number of support contacts required:

  • Option 1: 1-3 support contacts
  • Option 2: 5 support contacts
  • Option 3: 6 or more support contacts

This license includes both installation support and application support.

A Single-User license allows one designated individual to use PGSuper Professional on up to two computers (typically, one desktop and one laptop computer). This person may also utilize support services and is entitled to product updates over the license duration.