BrM 6.7 Development Status

November 22, 2022

Mayvue recently surpassed the 75% development completion mark of the BrM 6.7 release and demonstrated the progress to the Testing TAG in early November. This release includes a Dashboard tool that enables agencies to set up, manage, and view a variety of visualizations within BrM. Additionally, the Ancillary Assets module will enable agencies to set up asset types and begin collecting inventory and inspection data for those assets.

Over the next two months, Mayvue will complete the development effort and transition into beta testing. In February 2023, Members of the Testing TAG will travel to Pittsburgh, PA to perform a hyper-focused beta testing session with Mayvue. The official release of BrM 6.7 will occur in March 2023. This release will be the last version 6 release of the software. The next official release will be on the new platform as BrM 7.0 in June 2024.