BrM 6.7 Planned Patch Release(s)

September 06, 2023

BrM 6.7 was released to the user community in March 2023. It is the last full version of the BrM 6.X software. The Task Force will issue patches to the user community to 6.X on an as-needed basis. Each patch will be prioritized to provide the most important updates with the least amount of impact to the agencies.

The first patch, BrM 6.7.1, is nearing completion. It will include various fixes reported by agencies since the release of BrM 6.7, as well as Optimizer performance and processing time enhancements, plus additional updates and features. The exact release date is still being determined.

As always, the Task Force recommends upgrading to the latest version of BrM, including patch releases, to take advantage of new features, fixes, and upgrades.