BrM 7.0: Development Update

December 08, 2023

It has been exciting to watch the advancement of BrM. The old data has been migrated to the new format, and Mayvue has completed several significant changes to the software, including the new page builder (formerly the visual form editor), the backend framework, and inspection pages. BrM 7.0 feels modern, operates faster and is more intuitive. BrM is consistently receiving positive feedback about the software’s new look and feel, the transition process, and the utilization of agency-specific cloud-hosted sites.

Earlier this month, Mayvue held the third walk-through presentation for all BrM users, with another scheduled for mid-December. This walk-through identified many of the other benefits BrM users will experience when transitioning over to the 7.0 version. The feedback has been extremely positive, and users are excited about the future. Going into the new year, Mayvue will surpass 50% development completion of the 7.0 release and, in the early months of 2024, will continue to make tremendous strides in reshaping the software, sharing these advancements and new features along the way with live walk-throughs.

The first version of the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) will also be handed to the database Technical Advisory Group (TAG) in the coming weeks for evaluation. The ERD will be refined over the last several months of development but the draft form is close enough for feedback and recommendations to be considered.

Since the last update, additional states have contributed to the solicitation and joined the steering group for the 7.0 software development. The Task Force remains focused on making this transition as seamless and fast as possible for all BrM users and hopes you join us for upcoming walk-throughs.